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I tried googling for my issue and it looks like I am the only one facing this problem hence I suspect that I am missing or doing something wrong. Before I describe a background:

I am running late 2006 macbook pro with core 2 duo. It is running Snow Leopard OS 10.6.8.


What am I trying to achieve:

I have the release preview downloaded (way before the final version was released and I have not succeeded in installing even after it is officially released). I want to try this first given it will work till January 2013 and if all goes well I would like to install a licensed version. I am so fed up with my macbook pro and starting to hate Apple as each day passes.


According to all the tutorials online, the step to do this is run bootcamp>it will attempt to download windows support software (it attempts to download but fails consequently as mentioned in many tutorials, but not an issue if we already have the windows support software in a disc which I have too)>then click the next option to continue installing>I select how much space I need to assign for each operating system>then select the bootcamp driver partition to start installation>after inserting the windows disc and completing the installation and reboot> install the windows support software and drivers.


What happens in my case:

Start bootcamp>gives two option 1. to download windows support software or 2. if I already have the windows support files I can continue with installation> I continue with the installation>gives me a screen where I select how much space I allocate for both the operating systems>it partitions the drive>asks me to insert windows installation disc and continue> I insert the disc and continue, the machine reboots from windows installation disc>asks me to select the language>I see the installation screen>first step is it shows 'gathering device information' and this is the place where I am stuck.......


It comes up with popup window and says the disc containing device drivers are missing, please insert the disc (am i not support to run the windows support software after completing the windows installation? as mentioned in all the tutorials.) I am not sure what disc it is looking for. At this moment, I cant eject the disc with windows installation and insert the disc with windows support software as the eject button never responds, therefore I had the windows support drivers also in a usb pen drive which I browse and select - still it says 'no updated drivers found' and never gives me the option to continue with the installation. So i am fed up with this. What driver is it looking for at this moment and why did it not ask me to select the partition where I have to install the windows as mentioned in many tutorials online.


my snow leopard has bootcamp 3.0.4 version and software is upto date and cant update to new software (yes maybe after I install windows and via windows I might be able to update but not now)


Please help, I atleast want my macbook pro to run windows as it is already getting outdated and new photoshop CS and others dont support due to graphic hardware incompatibility and many others slowly cropping as it is aging.


If there is already a similar case in this forum please point me but I can find it anywhere in the web.




MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Bootcamp ver 3.0.4
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    Use the 32bit version of Windows and use Boot Camp Assistant to download the latest Boot Camp Support Software.

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    Csound 1 thanks for responding but your reply is pretty basic. Do you think it is that easy that I overlooked those. First things first, I am already using the 32 bit version and your second suggestion 'download latest boot camp support software' - the issue is from where will i get it.

    If you read my description above - i am mentioning bootcamp tries to connect to download some windows support software (is this what you mean) but ends up telling it cannot download the support software. So I just choose to continue with the installation as I already have it downloaded from the internet 'windows support software'.


    Please help me out or i will break my macbook pro.

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    You need to keep trying using BCA, the downloads are erratic for many but you need the current (5) version of the software.

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    Are you sure I will get further update via (apple icon on top left-software update feature) for the bootcamp. I had twice or thrice it found some updates for the device running OS 10.6.8 but in all those updates the bootcamp version remained at 3.04. Are you sure I can still get it to latest version?

    I was of the notion that for OS 10.6.8, that might be the last version unless I upgrade my OS (which is not worth with the outdated hardware). Or is there another way that I can update it (maybe from Bootcamp menu).


    So you reckon the problem is because of the Bootcamp, why i am still sceptical is that because this error pops up only when it has started the Windows installation and when it starts to 'gathering information'. Which disc is it asking me to insert here (none of the tutorials online covers this issue)


    I will never buy an Apple device again and this is why till date I had never gone into buy even an iPhone or iPad, just imagine they sell something inferior for $2500 in 2007 and now drop support for their graphic card and all of a sudden they force you to upgrade the machine. Infact my machine is still new. Atleast if I succeed installing Windows I can give it some use.




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    Please read this carefully:


    Go back to Boot Camp Assistant (BCA). Download the current Support Software, then follow the instruction in BCA, step 1

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    Going by what you say - I open my Bootcamp (ver 3.04) and the first step is 'connect to server to download the support software' (guessing this is what you want me to download), this is what that never works - it attempts to connect but in status message it will say 'downloading support software' but in couple of minutes it will stop the process and a message box pops up to say 'the software is unavailable'.


    So, I select the other option which is 'if you already have the windows support software in a CD or usb media continue with the installation' so i continue with the installation as I have it downloaded from the internet elsewhere. I have bootcamp drivers ver 2.0, ver 2.1 and also another windows support software ver 3.0 and i have tried all of that.


    But my question is - am i not supposed to run this after installing the windows? but i am asked to to insert some disc other than the windows installation disc in the first step of windows installation which is 'gathering device information' - or is it expecting me to insert a MAC OS installation disk?




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    You can choose the 'other' option as often as you want, you won't get the drivers that way. The only method is to download them using Boot Camp.


    At this point I think you should read the Boot Camp Documentation carefully, backup your machine (if you haven't yet) and start downloading the drivers again, and BE PATIENT, it can take a while.

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    Hi Csound1


    Thanks for your patience and trying to help me but all the solution that you are suggesting is not happening which i have mentioned above several times. The download you are mentioning never happens, it says 'downloading support software' and after couple of minutes a message box pops telling 'error downloading' followed by 'support software not available'.


    Remember how many number of times I run software update from the apple icon, it checks and tells my computer is upto date. And leaves my bootcamp version in the same 3.04 version as mentioned earlier. I hate Apple for robbing people by blocking software updates for older models.

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    Take your Mac to a different location and try again. You need version 4.0 (at least) of the drivers (current version is 5.x)


    Also ..... try this


    Go to System Preferences>Network>Advanced>Proxies, make sure none are selected.


    Screen Shot 2012-11-08 at 11.48.57 AM.png

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    Yes, you should use your Mac OS X disc if you had Snow Leopard on your machine when you purchased it.  In such a case, it will have v3.0 of the drivers on it, but it will also be fine tuned to your particular hardware configuration.  Please read the instruction manual found at http://manuals.info.apple.com/en_US/Boot_Camp_Install-Setup_10.6.pdf for further information.  Pay particular attention to Step 4: Install the Boot Camp Drivers for Windows and Upgrading the Boot Camp Drivers.  These sections should aid you in getting the up-to-date drivers you need.  Of particular note is the fact that, after you initially install the drivers, you should update your drivers in Windows using the Windows-side Apple Software Update.  This will likely get you to the point of having v5.x drivers.  Also, Csound1 and I are talking versions of the drivers, not the version of the Boot Camp Assistant you happen to be running on the Mac OS X side.


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    @ Csound 1: None of them are checked as mentioned by you still no updates.


    @Teito: As mentioned by me, this is a 6 year old mac that came with Tiger OSX, now upgraded via online to snow leopard via leopard.


    So therefore, I used the dmg to a bootable usb drive to install it and hence I only have the USB disk, which also I tried during that phase where it is asking for the disk but continues to say no drivers found. do I need to write it to a disc and insert it? again even here there is a challenge - as mentioned earlier, since the windows 8 installation disc is already in the drive and we are in the process of installation - i am unable to remove this to insert the mac disc in as the eject button does not work, so now i have an external dvd writer connected via usb to run the installation disk. Should I write the files to a DVD and try this?


    I also noticed something in the manual which says on page 10

    'If you get a message saying “Installer Disc Not Found” when installing Windows

    Make sure you’re logged in to Mac OS X as an administrator.' but no luck again.




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    Are you saying that you did not complete the Windows 8 Installation?  If so, you have more problems than just the drivers.  Installing the drivers is supposed to occur after the Windows installation.


    Please note that no Boot Camp drivers exist for Windows 8.  Apple will release these drivers whenever Apple decides to.  As users, none of the people on these discussion boards know for sure when this will be.  Some of the users have suggested using the most up-to-date Boot Camp drivers, written for Windows 7, on Windows 8, but installing these in Windows 7 Compatibility Mode.  Regardless, there are users on these discussion boards reporting major hardware malfunction, including frequent reboots (horrible for the system board, the video card (if any), and the hard disk drive) and full drive corruption (which affects your Mac OS and the Windows OS), among others.  To have a reasonable timetable, it took Apple 89 days following the initial release of Windows 7 to release updated Boot Camp drivers that would handle Windows 7.  Using this fact with our present situation, you are looking at January 22nd or 23rd before you might expect Apple to release drivers that will work with Windows 8.  Trying to do this early on, you may end up making your system completely unusable.  Judging by your previous posts, you are loathe to do so.


    I would suggest waiting.  Windows 8 is so touch/gesture-centric that the touchpad on your 2006 MBP will feel quite limiting.  If you had a unibody MBP, Windows 8 might still be attractive, as the surface area on the touchpad is far greater.  All-in-all, in your situation, saving up for a newer ultrabook with touchscreen is probably the best option to getting the most out of Windows 8.  You've already stated that your computer is now virtually useless for the applications you most frequently run and you are trying one last gasp effort at restoring some of that usability by installing Windows 8.  Consider that 6-7 years for a computer is practically an eternity for up-to-date software on the order of Photoshop.  The only thing I can think of that might restore some of your capacity to use the hardware of your MBP longer is going the Linux route and using Gimp instead of Photoshop.  Windows is seldom the route to take if your hardware has aged as much as yours has.

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    Thanks Teito for taking time to explain. You are right, even before it started installation I am getting this issue as in all the tutorials online I am seeing, the windows support software is inserted after installation so i am not sure what disc it is asking when in the first step 'collecting information' when this issue crops up and hence was concerned.


    The rest of the information is useful, i am still trying to give it away my mac as soon as possible. So my last hope is also gone.


    thanks again

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    RE: As mentioned by me, this is a 6 year old mac that came with Tiger OSX, now upgraded via online to snow leopard via leopard.


    How did you do this? I was under the impression that pre Lion one had to use Apple Disks or a USB Thumb  for MacBook Air.