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I appear to have a more unique question or problem.  With the iPad v3 Verizon has included Personal Hotspot with the dataplans for the iPad.  I am looking to take the iPads I have and assign them to employees and would really like to turn off the Personal Hotspot so that they can't link their phones or other devices to it and use the company provided dataplans.


I have contacted our local Apple store and Tier 1 Apple support regarding this issue and they cannot think of a way to lock it out.  I have contacted Verizon and they confirm that my account has the Personal Hotspot switch off but it still works. (I have converted it to PostPay instead of PrePay)


I have used the Apples Configurator and iPhone Configuration utility as well as Meraki and neither solution offers the ability to lock it out.


Is there any way to be able to do this, or to be able to at least lock out the settings menu?  Support checked the restricitions menu and found nothing there.


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iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 6.0.1