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I have a new Mac Pro with 2 Dell 2407 monitors.  When I first purchased the computer I only had one 5770 graphics card.  Initially I ran the monitor with 1 DVI connection and the 2nd monitor connected connected via the mini displayport-to-DVI adapter.  Everything worked fine until the first update of 10.8 and everysince 10.8.1 my monitor arrangement has been randomly changing.  Sometimes the second display would not even be active.


I could not justify paying $60 for the mini display port adapters for I purchased a second 5770 graphics card and I still have the same issue. Almost every time I reboot I either have a different arrangement setting for both monitors, or only 1 monitor will be active.


I have zapped the PRAM and that did not put an end to the problem.  I also did a clean install on another drive just to see if that was a problem and that did not make a difference.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I have had a similar problem in the past, with my MBP 15". I would hook it up on my dual screen, and every time I plug it in, it would be different. Have you had experience with other Macs on doing dual monitors?


    What happened to me is, eventually, it starts to remember it. Before, the arrangments would be off or reset, and even my wallpaper for the dual monitor isn't correct. Are both monitors always plugged in? It also could be a possibility that the cable is loose? Or adaptor part.