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  • MarkOnMac Level 1 (0 points)

    Count me in as having the same problems. I have 6.01. I have reset the netwrok settings. I have erased all content and settings. I have restarted my Time Capsule router. I have restarted my modem. I compared the reception to my MacBook Pro and my iPad 3rd gen, both of which get normal reception.

  • Mini-Mac Level 3 (810 points)

    So I returned my iPad mini, and then bought it again (same model).  I decided the poor WiFi could be tolerated, and hoping Apple will address the issue......sooner than later.


    I still have the same WiFi problems with the new iPad mini. 


    Putting the iPhone5 and iPad mini side-by-side the iPhone signal is Average (58Mb/s) and the iPad signal is Good (30Mb/s) which isn't bad but not as strong.  Measured at about 25 feet away (as the crow flys) from Time Capsule (4th Gen), 3 walls and using the Apple WiFi app on my iPhone5.


    All and all I can live with it..........Love the look and weight of my iPad mini!

  • mianesva Level 1 (5 points)

    Have the exact same issues.  And I am using also ipad2 and iphone5 as reference. I use AirPort Extreme and have not changed anything in my network to cause this.


    Hope this is software.  Else it is going back.

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    having exactly the same issue. Wifi is very poor and loosing connection all time. Using iPhone 4 and macbook pro without anyproblems and full wifi reception. Problem occurs in several networks ... unfortunately very annoying!

  • chadfromwest hills Level 1 (5 points)

    I just changed the radio mode under wifi settings on my time capsule to manual, N only for 5 GHZ and 2.4 GHZ and it immediately got better

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    DD_bagman wrote:


    having exactly the same issue. Wifi is very poor and loosing connection all time. Using iPhone 4 and macbook pro without anyproblems and full wifi reception. Problem occurs in several networks ... unfortunately very annoying!


    The solution to this (and everyone else's problem) is in the router! your router must be IPV6 compatible. Even if it is, you gotta go in to the router settings and enable it. Also make sure your router runs on its latest firmware before enabling IPV6.

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    I have decided to return my mini and wait for the next model, hopefully it will be better and have retina display.

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    Stupid question, guys. Everyone on that thread seems to mention Apple routers, is that the case? And if it is, did anyone of you call apple router support, any steps or suggestions offered?

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    I have a Linksys WRT45G that I have had for a few years and all IOS devices work fine except IPad mini.  Heading to return at Apple store tonight.

    Will wait for next model.

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    If you download and install the latest firmware for your router version you might have better luck.


    See here for firmware download:


    To determine if your iPad has a hardware problem test it on another network to see how it works there.


    If it works on other networks your router likely has problems even if other devices appear to function with it.

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    Same here.  Apps loading at a snails pace.

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    Same problem here: My new IPad mini has poor wifi reception. Goes in and out, lots of times I have to reenter the wifi password.  My  Ipad 1, Ipad 3, iPhone 4 works fine.


    Reset network settings did not help.

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    I DO have ipv6 enabled and all my devices (iPad1, iPad2, Touch, 2 iPhone 4s's and other WiFi computers) ALL access my network perfectly.


    With a new iPod Mini, the WiFi was SO sporadic that from one minute to the next there would be no connection.  I tried everything, reset the Mini, reset the network settings, etc. reset the router, reconfigured everything, but nothing helped.  I finally exchanged the Mini where I bought it for a new one.  And now I've got the SAME problems!!!


    Cannot even do an iCloud backup as it starts just fine, reports the backup will take about 7 minutes, but then stalls with about 6 minutes remaining.  Then after awhile there's a message that the last backup could not be completed.


    The Mini would be great, but not with flakey WiFi.  This one's going back to the dealer as well.  SIGH


    Not ready for prime time.

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    I have had the same issues.  My mini will not maintain a constant connection, but our iPod touchs, iPhone 4s, iPad 2, and Apple TV work great.  Worked with tech support and ended up returning the mini for a new one and still have the same problem...

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