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I have a MBA 13 and I want to install Mountain Lion. I know I need to back up my system, but can't really afford an external HD at this time. I've heard of some online backup options and wanted to know if this was a good way to do it. (I'm hoping to use their free trial offer, download ML, and cancel out.)

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    How full is your SSD, how many hours if not days do you have time to wait for the upload of possibly >100GB to be finished?


    Also, you might not be able to use Time Machine for it as it requires a disk that's mounted like a share. Of course, there are other software solutions, such as Carbon Copy Cloner, but they might also cost you money if their funcion is limited during a trial period -- IF you find on-line storage that's both free and large enough.


    Considering prices of external HDDs, which is maybe not as much as you expect, you'd be really much better off with an external disk, and if you had to wait with upgrading until you have the $$...

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    To be perfectly honest, if you can't afford to buy an external hard drive right now you can't afford to upgrade. Save your money and get the external drive first. It isn't a question of if your hard drive will fail. It is a question of when. I have seen 500GB external drives as low as $50.

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    Where have you seen external hard drives that cheap? I've been looking and no luck.

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    If you live in the States watch Amazon, Staples, Office Max, WalMart etc ads. Also watch for OWC garage sales. Right now a 512GB drive is typically $70-$80 but in the last month I've seen sales dropping the price to around the $50 mark. This summer I walked into a Staples store and found several iOmega portable drives - 500GB - that were open box for $45. And since Black Friday is near we should see some good prices soon.