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I received my iphone 5 and immediately had the complaints about poor voice/sound quality, on the end of the receiver of my calls.  Same when LTE on/off.  Same whether I call them or they call me.  The complaint is that my voice sounds muffled, as if I was holding the phone to my shoulder.  When I select speaker phone I am instantly clear to the other person.  Same if I use the included earpiece.  Haven't tried bluetooth earpiece but considering it.


First step tp resolve was trip to Apple store.  Replaced phone.  Phone #2 did same thing.  Called apple support, they couldn't understand me, said they wanted to help me with my problem but they couldn't hear what I was saying.  Exactly.  Second trip to Apple store, tech rep ("Genius?") couldn't replicate issue, calls to test were made in very noisy environment.  Muffled sounds from my phone seem worst when calling from very quiet environment.  Third trip to Apple store today, got replacement phone (phone # 3!).  Same issue, no better quality.


Anyone else have this issue?  Help!  Paid quite a bit for 32GB black ATT phone, shame to have such poor quality.



iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    This same exact thing is happening to me!!! Exactly.


    • When talking on my left side they say I sound far away or muffled.
    • When talking on my right side they say I sound better but still not good.
    • When using bluetooth in my car they say the sound is horrible. Sounds like wind or muffled.
    • Tried turning bluetooth off  - but still same problem.
    • Tried taking phone out of otterbox - still same problem.
    • Tried getting a new phone from the apple store - phone #2 same problem
    • Tried holding the phone is weird and uncomortable ways (as if the problem really is that I'm holding it wrong....REALLY) same problem.
    • Note - I also have AT&T, could it be a network problem with AT&T?


    I really want to keep my iphone 5 but apple has got to figure this out! There has got to be others experiencing this problem. Please reply to this tread if you are having the same issue.

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    James......  I took my phone to ATT today, they 'fixed' some settings and gave me a new SIM card...... to no avail (sigh...).  My phone is still exhibiting the same issues of poor (sometimes unintelligible) quality.  I have had 4 handsets, about to go back to Apple store to get a 5th phone.  I am starting to wonder if there is something wrong either with AT&T.... with a design of the iPhone 5, or something - the problem is becoming more frustrating all the time.  I have a significant investment in accessories and apps with the iOS, but I actually started shopping for an Android unit as a possible replacement.  The Samsung S III is just too large, in my opinion, so I am considering an HTC unit.  This is a major issue for Apple - if there are truly design issues with the 5 then they will start gaining a reputation as delivering crappy products, and poor Steve will be spinning in his grave.  They should also know that once they lose me as an iOS customer then I'm never coming back.


    Apple, are you listening????



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    Possible fix........


    Yesterday I updated the OS to the latest release. Then right after that I called AT&T and they reset my sim card. Or something like that. They did some sort of reset.

    I then got in my car and drove around to test the phone. Because that is when the problem is worse. FINALLY they claim to be able to hear me clearly!!!!

    I think it was the combination of both the OS update and the sim card reset that fixed it. Hopefully..... It has only been one day but so far so good. I'll update this post if things change.


    Try this and let us know if this works for you.

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    I updated the iOS recently to the latest release.... then yesterday got a new sim card and AT&T reset my account.  No improvement, it sounds as crappy as before.  I am also testing it by calling myself on Google Voice and recording messages using the handset, the included earpiece, and also turning on speakerphone.  The worst quality is when I am usiong the phone by itself, as a stand alone device.  Unbelieveable, that Apple has produced such an inferior product. 


    Apple, are you listening?  I really don't want an Android device but I am about to ditch Apple and the iPhone and go to your competitor.


    I also sold my APPL shares, I can imagine that the best is behind us.  I can't be alone in my dire situatoin.



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    Ah.....MAN, I was really hopeful that maybe this would be a fix.


    That is such a good idea to call yourself on google voice. I'm going to do that right now and see how I sound.

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    Just had a phone call and yet again the caller says I sound horrible! I can't take it anymore. I'm heading to AT&T to find a different phone.


    I called my google voice number and I sounded horrible. Clearly sounded better on my right side but still horrible.

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    I went in for my fifth phone today they wiped it clean completely reset all the software, and everything still sounds horrible. They told me to go to AT&T once more to see if there was anything they could fix, I guess Apple's not standing behind its hardware. If it doesn't work by fixing it AT&T, and I guess I'll have to go to an android device much as I hate to switch platforms.


    Apple, are you listening?? There appears to be a problem with your hardware, or possibly the software algorithm that does the noise canceling. A new phone should not be this difficult! Did you just not design this very well??

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    I am having the same issue! I am on phone number 3 and I was hoping that would fix the problem. I have Verizon so it is not isolated to AT&T. Verizon keeps just sending me replacement phones telling me it is a hardware issue. When I call Apple, including a visit to the Genius bar, they tell me that is impossible and it is probably my service provider or software. My husband has the same phone without any issues so I know it isn't a carrier issue. It doesn't happen consistently but what is the point of having a phone that cuts in and out and sounds muffled to the other party. I really hope Apple realizes this is an issue before consumers get frustrated and switch to Android.

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    My wife and I each have an iPhone 5 on AT&T.  I've had no problems, but my wife is constantly being told that she sounds muffled by people that she's on the phone with.  It's a completely frustrating problem.  Wether the problem lies with Apple or with AT&T it would be nice for someone to come up with a fix.


    We're about to bring her phone back and see if a hardware swap will fix the problem.



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    As you are aware the iPhone 5 has 3 mics. One on the bottom you talk into, one in the speaker grille where your ear goes, and one on the back near the camera. They all help in noise cancellation. The one by the camera, keep that mic completely clear or completely blocked and they have no complaints. Put your hand over it and they say you sound distant or muffled.

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    I have an iPhone 5 and I bought brand new from Sprint. I got this phone in December & I had 0 problems until now. When I make calls to other iPhone 4 users, they can't hear me on the other end and I'm experiencing the same problem many of you are having. At first I thought it was sprint since Sprint is known to crash a lot but I shortly found out it was the phone. Sometimes I don't even receive calls and it is very frustrating when you get countless messages from your boss that you need to answer your phone but you don't receive their calls. I don't have money to just switch to a new phone and I can't wait for an upgrade because it hasn't even been a year since I renewed my contract. Apple really needs to fix this

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    I have the 5s, I've had it for about a month, maybe less, and I have this issue - usually on the phone with my wife. It doesn't happen when I'm on the headphones or using a blue tooth device, but it consistently happens when I try to use the phone as a normal phone. It's very frustrating - anyone have a solid fix for this yet?

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    I have had my iphone 5 for about 15 months and now all of a sudden I cannot hear when making a call.  Sometimes it works on speaker but for the most part on speaker the other person can't hear me.  I took it to Apple and they replaced the receiver which didn't fix the problem.  I am nt eligible for an upgrade for another 9 months and apple said there is nothing else they can do as the warrenty was only good for one year.  This is really so frustrating as this phone is only a little over a year old and it seems obvious that there is an issue with some phones as I have see alot of complaints about this problem online. I cannot afford to pay full price for a new phone and it really stinks that APple doesn't stand behind a faultly product and at least let me get a replacement for a discount. Has anyone else had any luck getting it fixed or replaced?

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    Im having the same issue with my iphone 5s , ive replaced sims ive also replaced the hadset  . i work in realestate and this phone is a joke i come from a samsung . and never had this issue . please help

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