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Can't connect PC to OS X Mountain Lion Server

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Arthur_P_Johnson Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
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Aug 21, 2012 12:24 PM

Classic dilemma, but either the screens have changed with Mountain Lion or the entire problem has. For better or worse, I upgraded to Mountain Lion Server, and now I can't get into with my desktop PC (very important workstation). I can see the Mac on my PC work, but can't log onto it. Could someone either describe the steps or connect me to a doc that does?


I can log onto my PC just just fine with any of my Macs, but not vice versa. In particular, I'd like to get onto to the big external HDD where my docs are.


I've searched the Internet, but all the older solutions don't seem to apply. THANKS!

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion, Core i7 Quad-core Server
  • JaimeMagiera Level 2 Level 2 (285 points)

    Hi Arthur,


    Is your PC bound to the OS X Server Open Directory? I'm not quite understanding your configuration. More details would be helpful.



  • JaimeMagiera Level 2 Level 2 (285 points)

    OK, Arthur. Let's start at the beginning. What you are doing is called accessing a "share" of the Mac OS X Server. What you want to do is go to on the server, select "File Sharing" from the left side. You will see a list of Shares that are already pre-configured (usually, "Users", "Groups", "Public"). You can also add a new Share by clicking the "+". Once you've decided to modify a current share or add a new one, double click to edit the share. Make sure that the user you are trying to log in as has appropriate permissions in the "Access" pane at the top of that edit window. In other words, make sure that either the user you want to log in as is allowed to at least read (generally Read & Write), or make sure that a group the user is a member of has Read (& Write). Also make sure "Share with Windows Clients (SMB)" is checked.


    Does that help?

  • motorvfx Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This is a bug in Lion that has killed me trying to figure it out. I finally worked out what it was and it is exhaustively frustrating! We use a Mac Mini to run our entire server environment in our studio where we host Mac, Windows XP, Winsows 7 and Limux RedHat machines. Here is the fix (you'll be mad so I apologize in advance!)




    1) Goto Server Prefs/File Sharing

    2) There is an "OFF/ON" switch at the top. This should currently be in the "ON" position.

    3) Slide it to the "OFF" position.

    4) Slide it back to the "ON" position.

    5) Wait for the spinning wheel at the bottom right of the systems pane to stop spinning.

    6) Reconnect using your windows machine.


    Should solve eveyone's problems! Should work for Windows XP and 7 machines.


    Hope this helps because I lost all my hair and it's not growing back! :-s

  • Thomas Thaler1 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Just for anybody's information.

    I had the same problem after upgrade the Mac OS X Mountain Lion Server to 10.8.2.

    All and everything I did find and know didn't work.

    The solution was very silly, as I didn't think about that.

    I had to set inside "System Extensions - > Network --> Ethernet 1 (or the type of connection you have set) --> Options --> WINS" the NetBIOS Name to the very same name as the server has in the DNS as well as the workgroup the be set to "WORKGROUP", if not declared differently.


    After this, we had NO problems to access from within Parallels and WIN 7.

    OK, there are some OD and KB errors about LM and LMv2 and so on, but it works.


    All the best from Switzerland after 8h of continuous searching the problem.


    Thomas Thaler

  • larry baltz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This is incredibly easy.  I spent two hours looking for the solution to connect my Windows 7 Home PC to my Mac Mini with Mountain Lion installed.


    This solution works flawlessly:


    Make sure SMB File sharing is enabled in your Apple system preferences under the sharing tab (there are lots of easy to find instructions if you don't know how.

    Accessing Shared Folders From Windows 7

    1. On your Windows 7 PC, select Start.

    2. In the Search Programs and Files box, enter the following:
    3. Press enter or return.

    4. In the Run dialog box, type in your Mac's IP address. Here is an example:
    5. Be sure to include the \\ at the beginning of the address.

    6. If the Windows 7 user account that you are logged in with matches the name of one of the Mac user accounts you specified in the previous step, then a window will open with a list of shared folders.

    7. If the Windows account you're logged in with does not match one of the Mac user accounts, you will be asked to supply a Mac user account name and password. Once you enter this information, a window will open displaying the shared folders.

    You can now access your Mac's shared folders on your Windows 7 PC.

    Just create a shortcut on the desktop!


    Courtesy of: _6.htm

  • larry baltz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    Understood.  I also should point out that I was in error in that these instructions were intended for Mountain Lion, not Mountain Lion server. I have 3 Macs and 3 Windows machines on my network (no server) I didn't have to follow Thomas' instructions perhaps because I am not running server software?  I am still nowhere close to a Mac expert.  I'm far more proficient with Windows...



  • Clemgill Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Currently Being Moderated
    Dec 5, 2012 3:50 AM (in response to motorvfx)



    I have been struggling with the same thing for days...

    I love your fix, it works great to repopulate the NetBIOS name and Workgroup in the "WINS" network setting pane that is misteriously erased by OSX at reboot.

    And then sharing from Windows computer works like a breeze....


    Would anybody have an idea on how to automate this procedure during or after the Boot ?


    Thx all,

  • Clemgill Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Currently Being Moderated
    Dec 12, 2012 11:49 AM (in response to Clemgill)



    I answered my own question by developing the following Script that fully automates the cycling of the file sharing switch. It was quite tricky to get there, but had fun. 

    If its of any use to the community... And if anyone has suggestions to improve it...





    #This script cycles the file sharing switch OFF and ON, to force the "NetBIOS name" and the "Workgroup name" to re-appear in the Network "WINS" window. This is mandatory to allow SMB sharing from an external windows computer. OSX erases it at reboot for some reason … (bug?)


    #Please adapt the words in quotes of this section according to the language of your computer (as you will notice, mine speaks French)

    set Sharing_pane to "Partage"

    set File_sharing_Off to "Partage de fichiers : désactivé"

    set File_sharing_On to "Partage de fichiers : activé"


    #Change "…" hereafeter with your own "password"

    set Pass_word to "..."


    tell application "System Preferences"

      reveal anchor "Main" of pane Sharing_pane


    end tell


    tell application "System Events" to tell window Sharing_pane of application process "System Preferences"


      # Unlock modifications

      click button 4

              tell application "System Events" to tell window 1 of process "SecurityAgent"

                        set value of text field 2 of scroll area 1 of group 1 to Pass_word

      delay 1

      click button 2 of group 2

      delay 1

              end tell


      # If file sharing is ON than click it OFF

              if (get value of checkbox 1 of row 2 of table 1 of scroll area 1 of group 1) = 1 then

      click checkbox 1 of row 2 of table 1 of scroll area 1 of group 1

      delay 1

      # Next section waits for actual confirmation

                        repeat 15 times

                                  if (name of static text 1 of group 1) is File_sharing_Off then

                                            exit repeat


      click checkbox 1 of row 2 of table 1 of scroll area 1 of group 1

                                            delay 0.5

                                            tell current application to beep 1

      #Beep to indicate we had to click twice

                                  end if

                        end repeat

              end if


      # If file sharing is OFF click it ON in any cases

              if (get value of checkbox 1 of row 2 of table 1 of scroll area 1 of group 1) = 0 then

      click checkbox 1 of row 2 of table 1 of scroll area 1 of group 1

      # Next section waits for actual confirmation

                        repeat 15 times

                                  if (name of static text 1 of group 1) is File_sharing_On then

                                            exit repeat


      click checkbox 1 of row 2 of table 1 of scroll area 1 of group 1

                                            delay 0.5

                                            tell current application to beep 2

                                  end if

                        end repeat

              end if


      # Lock modifications

      click button 4

              delay 0.5


      #Back to main window

      click button 1 of group 1 of group 2 of tool bar 1

    end tell


    tell application "System Preferences" to quit


    # Beep four times to tell its done

    tell current application to beep 4

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----

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