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I bought an iPhone 4S 16 gb on the french online apple store. After 2 days I unpacked the phone, and.. Ta-Daa, the camera led was turned on, even before switching on the phone. I upgraded iOs to 6.1, I made a factory reset, tried to force the flash taking pictures, but nothing worked. I called the support, and they told me to bring it to the nearest apple store (which was in paris, 1h40 from where I live). At the apple store in paris they told me to take a "rendez-vous" (*** I am here, change my damned phone!!!), but the first rendez-vous is 16/11, next week. Now I have to wait for UPS to take back my iphone, wait at least a week. The question is "will I have back a brand new Iphone, or just a fixed one?"


never had those issues with samsung.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1