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Just adding my tears to the group. Have done all hints read in this forum and it is still blinks then crashes on me. Please keep advising! Thanks!

iPad 2, iOS 6.0.1
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    don't know about reataining any existing books, however,


    totally delete iBooks from the iPad and then reinstall without interuption.


    when I did this, all my purchases were available again, just not in the library shelves I created...

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    To give more details ... I partitioned my MacPro into Lion and Mountain Lion for training purposes. When I plugged in my iPad2 to the Mountain Lion iTunes - it warned me that iPad 2 could only be synced to one iTunes library (even though it was my same account.) So I hooked it up to the Mountain Lion iTunes - and started from scratch. Later I decided to go back to the Lion iTunes - so re-synced it back up there. That's when iBooks stopped working. I've deleted from iPad/iTunes/forced restart/reinstalled - still crashes when starting up.


    Someone suggested that my iPad2 needs to be restored as I may have broken a thread somewhere with all the switching of iTunes accounts. So getting ready to tackle that. Thank goodness for iCloud backup.


    Thanks for all your help - still struggling!