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    I just bought an iPad3 a couple of hours ago. Turned it on, enabled bluetooth on it, and enabled bluetooth on my iPhone4. They paired OK, but will not connect. "Make sure "iPad" is turned on and in range". They are sitting on the same desk. Surely two Apple products can connect to each other via Bluetooth ...?

  • Pegasus82 Level 1 (0 points)

    So, I visited an Apple Store yesterday to seek some advice and assistance.The answer is that you cannot connect an iPhone4 and iPad(3) via Bluetooth. They will pair, but not connect.
    Apparently Apple think that they cannot trust their user base not to be rampant pirates and do all sorts of illegal file transfers.
    It would have saved me a headache if the error could have been "Stop doing that you pirate!" rather than "Make sure iPad/iPhone is turned on and in range"

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    Has anyone installed iOS 6 yet?  Wondering if bluetoth performance has improved any.  Also, I am delaying installing it until I know bluetooth won't go completely down the drain like it did from iOS 4 to 5. 

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    WHen I experienced Bluetooth connection problems across all my devices, including a non-Apple Logitech keyboard, I downloaded IOS 6 on one iPad.  Same problem. Curiously, all my devices developed the connection problem simultaneously. None of them will connect with with other Bluetooth devices, Apple or not. It's as if a family suddenly decided to not talk with each other :-)

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    I discovered, as have some others in this community, that Apple apparently disallows Bluetooth connection among Apple devices. Moreover, Bluetooth connection between a non-Apple device and an Apple device (in my case, a Logitech keyboard with my iPad) if any other Apple device within Bluetooth range has it turned on. So, for example, if you're trying to connect your Apple device to you car's Bluetooth, it will work only if all your other Bluetooth devices in the vicinity have Bluetooth turned off. See if this works for you.


    Finally, it seems Apple did this suddenly, as my connections were fine until yeterday. I blamed my keyboard, but it wasn't at fault. Apple done it!

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    My iPhone 4 will connect with the BT in my 2011 Prius so I can use the phone but I cannot use the phone to listen to music or stream Pandora if it's connected with the USB. It will play for a few minutes and then I get a message that the device cannot be found. I can play it through the BT but I have to manually connect it every time I start the car. My iPod works fine. Apple gave me a new phone and it still wouldn't work so I took it in to Toyota. The mechanic got his iPhone 3 to stream Pandora and play music with the USB connection without a problem but my phone still would not work. I'm pretty sure it's a software problem with the phone. Very frustrating. I am going back to see a Genius tomorrow.....

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    I have just managed to pair my ipone to my c4 by excepting bt radio then putting in my own pin, I hope this helps.

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    sorry fogot to mention I put my own pin into my iphone then xcepted on car.

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    I have had the same problem recently. Pre iOS6 I had no problems connecting my iPhone 4S to my tomtom cradle for my in car sat nav. On Saturday after updating to iOS6 I was able to connect to the tomtom but sometimes I had to take the phone out of the cradle and put it back in before it would pair and connect. My tomtom cradle is the old one from my iPhone 3G that had to be modified to fit the 4S with an extra strip with the 4S being slimmer so this occaisionally happened or the phone would not charge.


    On Sunday it would not connect or pair to the tomtom at all. When I got home I tried it with my MacBook Pro 2009. The iPhone can't see the MBP as a device but if I try to initaiate the connection from the MBP it sees the 4S and sends a passcode to it which the 4S receives but it just won't pair.


    I have tried a restore of all the 4S settings, Network Settings, restore from back up and restore as a new device. Nothing has worked. I placed a service call and I have just been all through the above with a service rep. Stil no joy. I know have a service appointment with the Genius Bar people later in the week. I will take my devices with me but seen as the equipment seems to be working I am guessing it is a software issue.


    I'll let you know what happens at the Genius Bar...

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    I also have problem connecting my iPhone 4S with my MacBook Retina. Has any one got an official explanation about this from Apple? I saw that this discussion has been started from about 3-4 months ago and Apple has make no explanation about it.  Apple recently released iOS 6.0.1 and I was expecting that this issue will be solved on that version. Is Apple even look at this discussion at all?

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    Ok.... Here's how I got my Bluetooth working on my iPhone... Turn Bluetooth on on your other device first and then turn on personal hotspot.... It will ask you if you want to turn Bluetooth on then and you do then... Then you go to Bluetooth and you should be able to discover your device then.... :)

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    Here's what should work... Turn Bluetooth on on other device first... Then turn on your personal hotspot on the iPhone... It will then ask if you want to enable Bluetooth and you do... Then you go to Bluetooth and you should be able to discover your other device.... :)

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    I think the conclusion is clear: Apple has - characteristically - restricted the options in an 'upgrade' without telling us - even to the extent of totally ignoring a bewildered debate and questions from the user community for months - 'No comment' is a comment of sorts, right? As somebody said above - Bluetooth is established technology, and if you sell phones without it you need to make conumers aware of it before they buy - if not you are cheating.


    The arrogance of not responding to consumer concerns may not pay off in the long term.


    What will be next 'upgrade' - suddenly we can only read Apple-generated e-mails?


    Perhaps 'evil empire' is an pleonasm - perhaps all empires are evil...

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    I had a similar block this morning from Apple support when I asked for help because my new Macbook pro wouldn't connect with my iPhone 5, which had been connecting - and was still connecting - with my old Macbook, both running the latest OS.

    I persisted that it wasn't a phone problem, and that regardless of policy, bluetooth should allow connection between compatible devices, and eventually got the supervisor.

    Here's the good bit: the supervisor was helpful. He suggested I switch from Bluetooth PAN in network preferences to Bluetooth DUN. This helped my Macbook to connect with a bluetooth mouse immediately.

    The iPhone 5 also connected — with Personal Hotspot switched on, and also when I activated an app from the app store that turns your Macbook into a bluetooth keyboard for your phone. I it worked for me; it might work for someone else. I should add that the bluetooth type to phone app did the same thing for my iPhone 4s, which had been reluctant to offer Personal Hotspot through bluetooth until I started using it.

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    Hi peeps,


    After updating my Iphone 4s to IOS 6 yesterday i'm no longer able to connect to my MacBook pro, through Bluetooth.

    I haved try everything you guys have suggested here but it seems that this issue with the bluetooth is not so easely fix!!!

    can someone please help? i just want to connect through bluetooth to my Macbook pro.