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Hi all,


I use a Macbook Air and had recently gotten a Samsung S3 to replace my blackberry. I was able to use my blackberry previously as a modem, but can't figure out how to do the same on the S3.


Can anyone advise on this?



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    Sorry, can't help you, but I would like to let other readers who may be thinking of getting the Samsung S3 that there is a BIG learning curve verses the IP. I bought one at the beginning of September, mainly because I thought it suppored Flash (which it may do), but I was unable to get on some flash sites with the phone.


    The phone comes with almost no documention.  There is a very basic programed learning site on the web, but it didn't help me.  After 2 weeks, I took it back to the store, paid my $35 restocking fee and bought an IP5, which IMHO is the best IP ever and beats the S3 in all areas except screen size.


    I was able to tether my IP5 in about 2 minutes or was it 30 seconds?

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    @blueeos would be nice if you actually answered the OP's question rather than go on a sales pitch.


    Tethering with an Android phone is just as easy as with an iPhone.  If I remember correctly, on Android 4.0 the menu item for it is located:


    Settings -> More Settings -> Tethering and Portable Hotspot -> USB Tethering/Bluetooth/Wifi Hotspot.


    On your Mac, in System Preferences, Go to Bluetooth. Click the ( + ) on the bottom left. Just go through standard bluetooth pairing.

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    The S3 supports tethering but you may have to purchase a tethering plan from your provider before it will work.