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I wish to have a free version of my book for the media to download. How do I do that?


I don't think my sites (dreamweaver and another server called kajabi) accept iba files?


So, how can I give my iPad book to the media for them to download for free review copy? It's 450 mb.




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    You'll have to ask admin at those sites for details I think.


    Do you have a DropBox account?

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    You are given up to 50 'Promo Codes' for media etc. to download the finished, commercial book from the iBookstore for free.


    I don't know the workings exactly yet, but according to the 'iBookstore Publisher User Guide' page 24:



    You have fifty free promo codes for each of your books available on the iBookstore. Promo codes can be distributed to reviewers, bloggers, and other media contacts, allowing them to download your book at no cost. Your promo codes are available in the Manage Your Books module on iTunes Connect and can be distributed as soon as your book is approved for the iBookstore. For more information on promo codes, see the FAQ on iTunes Connect.

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    you need to publish your .iba file so it is a .ibooks


    open a DropBox account


    upload your .ibooks file to your DropBox


    share the link to the file with anyone you want to see the finished (published) version


    hope this helps

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    I have previously EXPORTED as iBA and emailed to  family.

    I have websites and am able to host a larger file and send links so that it can be downoaded and placed in iTunes and synced into iPads.


    The dropbox option is OK, but i think  the person/people you want to  review it also need to have a Dropbox acount.


    Obvioulsy if its in the iBookstore already, make a link  from within  iTunes Connect and email it out.

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    The promo code is amazing. Wow. I love that. That's so cool. Thanks for sharing that!


    Vinnyvg, how do you upload a iba file to a website? My website only take like pdf, jpeg, etc.—the common file types to upload. It won't allow me to upload an iba file.


    Thank you!!!

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    Zip it!


    Do you  upload using FTP  ??  I have a "downloads" folder on a particular website and after uploading  a file there - I make a link.

    I uploaded the iBA file without issues.


    Do you  build and manage your own website??