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Hi! Well I changed from windows 2008 server to Mountain Lion Server. So far, I have been able to set up website hosting for one website, and I must say works better than windows server 2008, maybe thats because the mac keeps the drive spun up, while in windows server it was an external drive, whatever the issue mac serves up the site much faster that it comes exploding onto the screen of the searcher.. Then I went to try to set up email, I was totally excited, but I think I did a no no in the dns settings, and now, I cant even see them, I just get "Error Reading Settings" Of course I see things in the log that I should undo, but I cant access the DNS settings at all. Any ideas how I can get to the dns settings so I can undo my booboo? Now it has streched its error self into the file sharing, and I cant access those settings anymore either, so that means I cant set up other websites because I cant give permission to view those folders. I also just got another err saying "Multiple errors occured on this server while processing commands. Just exactly what the heck did I do? I must have REALLY SCREWED THIS THING UP! Also strangely Safari browser no longer acceses the web from the server computer. I THINK I KILLED IT.

Any Ideas?

Thanks I really appreciate any tips, I havent got to calendar or vpn, or any fun stuff yet.. Or maybe it might not be fun at all? hahahahahaa!