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Ever since the iMessage outages a couple of weeks ago Messages on my Mac don't seem to be functioning the same.


First Issue


When trying to send a new message in a current thread often I'll get the red ! message not sent symnol


Second issue


Syncing between my iPhone and iPad isn't working very well - if at all


Running the latest software version of everything. 

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion
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    Re:- the second issue.

    This seems to be a common compliant.

    It seems to be worse if the Mac has been Off Line (Asleep or Shut down).

    The iMessages server then tried to send the iMessages that it thinks the Mac has not had.

    It does this like a speeded up chat  but it is not Instant.

    At the same time it will allow any current iMessages sent to you to arrive - even if they are in the same conversation - and they will get placed out of sync.

    The Time Stamps do not appear to be used to place them in order.


    Currently there is no  Fix (other then reducing the issue by keeping the Mac On Line).

    It can help if you turn the iPhone Off (Break with the server) and then On again or remove the Apple ID and then add it again.


    Re:- the First Issue.

    This maybe resolved by the actions above, particularly if you were sending to your own iPhone.






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