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hi there newbie here i have a lot of apple products fone /ipad/powerbook all work fine

i have recently bought a 2009 mac pro 2x 2.26 quad xeons for a veery good price but i am haveing power issues when i received the pro it turned on ok

then the next day it wouldnt power on i returned it to the seller who gave 3 mths warranty they told me the power button was faulty couldnt get hold of one so they replaced the case which inc the power button after returning it to me i powered up ok then i shut it down treid to power on again

and am getting the same problem again 2 red led's on power up pressed the Diag button on the backboard and the amber power led come on but getting nothing

could any one advise what they think the problem may be i am thinking of getting hold of a power button and a new Psu replacing them myself and charging the seller as dont want it to go back again for the m to fob me off



many thanks in advance



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    What else is on the same outlet and circuit? And no matter what real strong recommendation to keep those limited to minimum, and to also use a 1500VA UPS for that. Those run about $189.

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    hi hatter


    only a iphone charger and a cordless phone charger as its the first MPro looked forward to receiveing it as slowly swapping over to all mac just this stupid power problem have changed battery on board and still nothing waiting for the suppliers to ship another PSU which i will swap out and see if it will work then

    would any one know how i can check the PSU outputs for a voltage as have connected it up and belled the large connectors on either side of the main plug and no readings


    thanks in advance