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I want to learn to edit the digital video files of some classes I am teaching.  I assume that iMovie is the place to do that, but I can't seem to get the material onto it.  After the editing, I'd like to be able to post portions of it online via YouTube or some such site.  I have an iMac version 10.6.8, Snow Leopard


So far I have not been able to even see the files.  When I inserted the flashdrive containing the digital video files into my iMac, it said there was no app for opening them.  I searched the apps, and thought about trying the app "iVI", but didn't want to spend the $9.99 if I didn't need to. Today I downloaded the free app, "Any Video Converter".  It converted a portion of the material, saying something about it not being able to "parse" portions of it (whatever that means). When I looked at the little bit that was converted, the visuals were jerky.  Perhaps it was becuase I didn't know which "profile" format to choose, and they didn't offer iMovie on an iMac; the offers were for portable devices.  Do I need to download another app, and if so, which of the many would be good for my purposes?


The other question I have is how to get the same information onto my MacBook, which is version 10.5.1 of Mac OSX, Leopard.


I'm so frustrated!  I'm a beginner at this, and it just hasn't been the easy drag and drop I thought it would be!

iMac (24-inch Early 2008), Mac OS X (10.6.8), Snow Leopard; with iLfe
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    First we would need to know the format of the video. What is the file extension of the video files? How were they created, where did they come from?


    Once you tell us that we might be able to help.



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    Thanks for getting back with me so promptly.  It has taken me this time to connect with the proper people to find out the information you requested.


    The camera used to film the class was a Panasonic AG-HMC40P, owned by a local cable TV station; they use Kodak video encoding software, and a SD card was used to store the video.   The file extension is .mts, and the mime file is MPEG 2 transport.  He said I probably need an AVCHD converter, and the Mac app store lists 8 of those options, 4 free and 4 for up to $9.99.  He said I'll also need a converter for later plans of posting on YouTube or on the website, and while some of those in the app store might work for the later needs, he knows one app called "Compressor" that would work for the uploading later.  He also suggested I could try renaming the .mts file to .MP2T, but he wasn't sure that would work.


    They don't work with Macs at the studio, but I had thought I could have some lessons there in editing, and apply what I learned to my iMac and iMovie.


    First, though, I have to be able to see it and review it!


    Thanks again!