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Hello, I am trying to remove an Administrator account (admin) and save the contents of the home folder.


Initially, I received this laptop for a scholarship and this account was already set up. I've been using this account now for a couple years, but have decided to do better 'best practices' by making a standard user account and only using the admin account when I need to install stuff.


Therefore, I am trying to get everything in the home directory of the admin account into the home directory of a new standard account.


My original plan was to change the admin account to a standard account and then create a new administrator account. Apparently, this is impossible because an account named (admin) can only be an administrator and cannot be a standard user.


So, through some extensive Googling, I discovered that I can remove an account, save the contents of the home folder to a disk image and then mount that image to move that account's home folder to a new user. However, I am not getting the option to save the contents of the home folder to a disk image when trying to delete the admin account. Instead, the macbook says:


"The home folder cannot be saved. To save the folder, you need 6.6 GB of free disk space."


Yet, when I open up a Finder window, at the very bottom it says:


"115.63 GB available"


Why will it not let me save the home folder for the admin account to a disk image?


Thank you for your assistance.

Mac OS X (10.6.8)