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I went to an ATT store.   Saw the ipad lte and jumped the gun and also signed up for a 2 year data plan. Best part was I thought I was getting a 4th generation.  I looked at the box and it said ipad.  So who would of known ATT was selling the 3rd generation ipads.  Only reason I found out was that this ipad did not have lightning.  I have already purchased all these lightning accessories for my iphone 5.  What do I do.  My new ipad does not use all my lightning accessories.  I wish apple would do something with their packaging to help us poor consumers.  An average joe like me will be fooled 9 out 10 times since the box is exactly the same.  Does apple even care about us poor consumers.  I am stuck with an old ipad and all my friend have the 4th generation.  I was willing to spend the extra cash to get the LTE and the plan to be cooler for once.  But the jokes on me, I am the loser.  Someone please help me.

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