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need to burn my iMovies project to DVD, when I go to support it states that I should use iDVD.  iDVD is not on my system and I cannot download it from the App store.  How Do I burn my home movies to DVD?

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    Why is there no iDVD on my new Mac?






    But even though you can still buy iLife 11 that includes iDVD 7 from Amazon, Apple now make it difficult to install:


    Poster jhb21939 posted this in another thread:

    “when I attempted to load iDVD into a new iMac. A notice came up on the screen stating that the 'Authorisation Licence' had expired on 25 March this year (2012).

    I contacted the Apple support team and eventually, I was told that the Licence had been withdrawn and could no longer be used.”


    In other words Apple are now so adamant that we don’t use iDVD that they have tried to make it impossible to install.


    In response, Old Toad posted this solution:


    “You can still use it one all of your Macs.  If you get an invalid certificate message just set your Mac's clock to sometime before early 2011 and run the installer.  After you're done reset the time back to the correct time.” He added this comment:

    “It began after iDVD and iWeb were discontued and they were dropped from the Apple Store. All I can think of is the certificate was set to expire after a certain time period after the intitial iLife disc was released.

    I've been able to use the installer even without setting back the date.  I just clicked on the Continue button and it would work as expected.  For some it would not continue unless the date was set back.”


    The latest anorexic iMacs just announced do not even include a CD drive! Proof positive that Apple virtually prohibit the use of DVDs - although the newly announced Mac Minis do include a Superdrive.


    Yet, they still include iMovie! Heaven alone knows or understands what you are supposed to do with your newly edited masterpiece - except make a low quality version for YouTube?

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    In other words Apple are now so adamant that we don’t use iDVD that they have tried to make it impossible to install.


    Everyone that I know that has purchased a Macintosh in the last year or so has gone out and purchased and installed iDVD.


    I have done installations after March 25 and have never encountered this issue.


    Apple is the largest media company in the world. They sell nothing on disk. It is to their financial advantage to have the physical possession of movies go away.  ( but I fail to see how it benefits the consumer. )


    Blu-ray is way better than streaming. I'm a photographer. I care about image quality. Call me old-fashioned.


    Once physical media are totally gone, we can expect the consumer's rights to use the content to become even more restricted than they are now. Want to buy a second hand copy of a movie that's "out of print?" Too bad. The second hand market will disappear. Want to reinstall software you bought a few years ago?   No longer possible.  The end of physical media MAY be coming, but I fail to see how it benefits the consumer.

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    Karsten Schlüter wrote up a good User Tip on this. It is at this link.