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I want to buy a new computer and need to know the minimum requirements for HD video (1080p) playback and editing. 

For example, on my current MacBookPro (core duo 2.16GHz, 3GB RAM, ATI Radeon 128MB, resolution 1440x900):


- 1080p Quicktime playback is choppy (movie shot by iPhone 4s)

- it takes forever to uncompress 720p (taken by iPhone 4) - when importing into iMovie

- cannot uncompress 1080p (taken by iPhone 4s) - I have to kill iMovie


I was thinking of buying a new MacBookPro (not retina dislay) but I am afraid it may not meet the minimum requirements.  I can go for a Mini or iMac (which seem like safer bets), but I do not want the MacBookPro with retina display.


Thanks in advance,

Mac OS X (10.7.3), iPhone 3GS, 4, iPad2, latest iOS5