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I have a G5 running OSX 10.4. I'm pretty sure I have to install OSX 10.5 to run the studio. But what about my other computer specs? Will my GeForce FX 5200 Graphics Chipset be enough? Will Quicktime 7.0 be enough? Here are my G5 specs. Following are the Apple FCP Studio specs. What do I need to do to get this G% up to speed to run the full, latest FCP Studio? Any help would be appreciated greatly.



  Machine Name:Power Mac G5
  Machine Model:PowerMac7,2
  CPU Type:PowerPC 970  (2.2)
  Number Of CPUs:2
  CPU Speed:1.8 GHz
  L2 Cache (per CPU):512 KB
  Memory:4.5 GB
  Bus Speed:900 MHz
  Boot ROM Version:5.1.4f0
  Serial Number:G84081BTQES


GeForce FX 5200:


  Chipset Model:GeForce FX 5200
  VRAM (Total):64 MB
  Vendor:nVIDIA (0x10de)
  Device ID:0x0321
  Revision ID:0x00a2
  ROM Revision:2060



  Display Type:LCD
  Resolution:1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz
  Depth:32-bit Color
  Core Image:Supported
  Main Display:Yes
  Quartz Extreme:Supported


  Status:No display connected









Video System NTSC, PAL, HD Video Formats DV, DVCAM, DVCPRO, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO HD, HDV, XDCAM HD, IMX, P2, AVC-Intra, AVCHD, XDCAM EX, Uncompressed 8-bit and 10-bit HD (4:2:2 YUV) via PCI card, Uncompressed 8-bit and 10-bit SD (4:2:2 YUV) via FireWire or PCI card Audio Formats 48 kHz, 16-bit Supported Codecs ProRes 4444, ProRes 422 (HQ), ProRes 422, ProRes 422 (Proxy), ProRes 422 (LT), ProRes Apple Intermediate Codec, OfflineRT Photo-JPEG Codec Supported File Types Video: QuickTime

Audio: AIFF, WAV

Image: PSD, BMP, JPEG, PICT, PNG, SGI, TARGA, TIFF Number of Video Tracks 99 Number of Audio Tracks 99 Film Editing Support Yes, Cinema Tools 4.5 included

Support for 35mm 3-perf, 35mm 4-perf and 16mm-20 Edit Decision List (EDL) Support Yes Deck Control FireWire, RS-422, RS-232 DVD Authoring DVD and Blu-ray authoring support via DVD Studio Pro 4 System Requirements Minimum Requirements for Installation

Computer: Mac computer with an Intel processor

Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5.6

Memory: 1 GB

Hard Drive: 4 GB for applications; Additional 46 GB for optional templates, content and tutorials (9 GB for DVD Studio Pro 4 content, 7 GB for Motion 4 templates and tutorial media, 22 GB for Soundtrack Pro 3 audio content, 8 GB for LiveFonts and LiveType animated elements and templates

Graphics: AGP or PCI Express Quartz Extreme graphics card; Final Cut Studio is not compatible with Intel graphics processors

Display: 1280 x 800

Software: QuickTime 7.6 or Later

Hardware: DVD-ROM drive for installation


Color Requirements

Computer: Mac Pro, 17" MacBook Pro, 24" iMac with Intel Core Duo, 2.5 GHz Power Mac G5 Quad-Core

Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon X1600; ATI Radeon X1600; nVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT, 7600 GT, 7300 GT, 6800 Ultra DDL, 6800 GT DDL, 6600; nVIDIA Quadro FX 4500

Display: 1680 x 1050

Hardware: 3-button mouse

4K and 2K DPX Files: 512MB of VRAM

32-Bit Rendering: 256MB of VRAM


DVD Studio Pro Requirements

Computer: PowerPC G5 or Intel Core Duo for HD DVD playback

Hardware: SuperDrive or other DVD recorder for burning; Double-layer recorder required for double-layer burning; External hard drive or Internet transfer required for delivery of HD projects to replicator; DLT drive, external hard drive or Internet transfer required for delivery of SD projects to replicator


Soundtrack Pro Requirements

Hardware: Audio interface with 6-channel sound output required for 5.1 surround monitoring; Audio interface with multiple inputs required for multitrack recording


Recommended Configurations

Memory: 2 GB for compressed HD and uncompressed SD editing; 4 GB for uncompressed HD


Motion Recommendations

Graphics: ATI Radeon X1900 XT, X850 XT, X800 XT, X1600; nVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT, 6800 Ultra DDL, 6800 GT DDL; nVIDIA Quadro FX 4500; 256 MB VRAM for 32-bit rendering


Color Recommendations

Graphics: ATI Radeon X1900 XT

Display: Dual displays with 1920 x 1200 resolution Qualified Hardware FireWire camcorders and decks; Mac OS X-compatible analog and SDI capture hardware