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I am trying to add subtitles to a movie, but whenever I try to insert a title, the duration is too long (14 minutes). I then cannot add another title for 14 minutes. Is there any way to set all titles to a certain duration (i.e. 5 seconds) before insertion?

iMovie '08, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    In general, if you drag a title and drop it at the beginning of a clip, it will cover the beginning of the clip. If you drop it over the middle of the clip, it will cover the entire duration of the clip.


    You can always change the length of the title later by dragging the edges. However, there may be a limit to how many titles you can fit on one clip.


    The solution to this is to use the SPLIT CLIP command. For example, if you had a five minite clip, and you wanted to put up titles for subtitles every 10 seconds, you could select the first ten seconds, then right-click/Split Clip (or EDIT/SPLIT CLIP). Now you have a clip that is the length you need for your subtitle. You can drag the title onto the center of the clip, and you are done. Repeat the split clip command for every section for which you want a subtitle.

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    I understand, thank you. Unfortunately, things are not evenly spaced to every few seconds, but I will try just splitting the clip in the future. For some reason, the program is only letting me add titles to the beginning, end, or the entire clip. It wouldn`t let me choose anything in the middle. I appreciate the help though. All the best.

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    I just used 10 seconds as a "for example". You can split clips of any length.