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Why is it that whenever I add cross fade to two clips, there is a lag/jump in the footage? If I remove the fade there is no jump. I have a Mac Book Pro 10.5.8 2.5 GHz 2 GB. working in Final cut Pro 6 with footage from a Canon 7d in 1920x1080. Please help

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Russ H Level 6 Level 6 (14,245 points)

    What are your clip and sequence settings? Are you editing in h.264?



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    Yes, I didn't think it was but I double checked the video clip settings and it is:

    Vid rate  29.97  1920x1080    Data Rate 5.6MB   audio 48 Khz    with H.264 as compression



    Sequence preset is DV NTSC 48 Khz


    I also have a video converting software that can change that to 720x480 with a video encoder "Xvid (or H.264)".......

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    Put gently, this is all wrong.


    1. Your material is not in an FCP native format.


    2. Your sequence settings must match the source material (that should be in an FCP native format)


    To fix #1, convert the material to an editing codec - ProRes422 or ProRes422 LT (better) - using either Compressor or MpegStreamclip.


    To fix #2, create a new sequence and drop in one clip of the ProRes material. When FCP asks you if you want to have sequence match the material, select yes.


    Now drop in your stuff and edit away. Once complete, export a self contained file with "current settings" selected. When you have that, you can convert it to any other format you may desire.


    Good luck,