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Hi to all here,


I installed Windows 8 x64 Enterprise Edition on my macbook pro (model 6.2, mid 2010, i5, 8GB Ram, 15.4") by using BootCamp and drivers that i downloaded from here (based on my model:

http://www.cafe-encounter.net/p682/download-bootcamp-drivers-inc-mountain-lion-i nc-2012-retina-display

I do not know if i am just lucky but everything is working correctly and without problems! (only not-working is the keyboard light but i really do not care about it).

I have no yellow/unrecognized-devices in my Device Manager, "sleep" and "wake" works as it should, WiFi works and generally, i now have a fully functional  Windows 8 on my mbp.
Also, the two most common non-working devices (as i see here in the threads), the trackpad and the superdrive are working correctly too. I tested my external stuff (monitor, keyboard and mouse) and have no problems too.


My system is working this way for 3 days now. I will post here if something happens.

One question though:

Some day, Apple will release their official BootCamp drivers. Will BottCamp-control panel allow me to upgrade the drivers or there is another way to do that ?

Mac OS X (10.7.5)