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Trying  to migrate data from time machine backup -it will not find the back up disc. If i remove it- it comes up with the mesage about incorrectly ejecting a disc, but I have waited an hour and tried during set up and again using migration assistant.

The light is on - on the back up drive, but just doesnt appear as a disc.

MacBook Pro with Retina display
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    "Incorrectly 'ejecting' a disk" refers to the fact that the computer is saying that you disconnected an external hard drive (probably your Time Machine external drive) while the Mac was running Without first selecting to "Eject" that external drive in Finder or Disk Utility.  (OS X does NOT handle that well.)  If so, you may have corrupted the external drive's data that you were trying to Migrate to the Mac.  You Always have to eject an external hard drive Before disconnecting it from the Mac, if the Mac is On.



    Hope this helps

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    Yes I realise an external drive must be ejected but when it was originally in set up mode, it never found the Time Machine back up disc after an hour so I pulled the external drive out and was surprised to see that it must have found the disc in some form as it mentioned the ejecting of it.  How do I get the macbook to find the back up disc???