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I am needing some help with getting the Airport Extreme I purchased about 5 years ago up and running on my current MBP. I put it away nicely so everything is there. I remember the last I used it was about 3-4 years ago, and when I needed to connect it at that time I called Applecare, they transfered me to a rep in Canada and it was a fairly complicated process. I did establish a name for my Airport Extreme network and when I plugged it in that did come up. I did get the green light on the actual router, but I could not remember the password to log in under the KJT network. I tried so many times.


When I was at the Apple Store recently I was surprised that the Airport Extreme they are selling today looks exactly the same as the one I purchased about 4 years ago. Although I am not totally sure it even seemed like the technology was the same (at least from quickly reading the info. on the box). I asked the apple sales agent and he said it is realy easy to hook up. he said I should get a walk through program that walks me step by step, but I did not get that back when I purchased it or I did not get it recently when trying to use it again.


I did a spotlight search on my MacBook Pro for Airport, and I did get an Airport Utility hit, but for some reason I could not get anything to come up. If I can't remember the password for the "KJT" network that I created many years ago, does that mean the machine is no good?  Could I not try to create a totally new network and just call it by another name? As I said I remember that the set up back when I purchased it was quite complicated, but I am hoping since I doubt Applecare would help me agian with setting it up, that there is a utility out there that could help me. I have Comcast (Infinity) Internet service, with their modem coming in to the house, but now I need a router like Airport Extreme so I can go wireless. 

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    Hi - this site was down for maintenance - do you still need help setting up the Extreme? - if so download the Airport Utility for Snow Leopard at - http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1536 - also could you please indicate the model number of the Extreme?

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    Yes I do still need help. I purchased a router from Costco that is so so but if I could get the Airport Extreme up and running I could bring the one back to Costco. As I said the guy at the Apple Store said there will be a Utility, but not on my old MBP. It comes up in Spotlight but no Utility comes up.  He siad it is really easy to hook up.  I guess I will have to remove the other router first and try to get the Airport Extreme up and running.


    the model number is (wow, the type is sooooo small and old, let me see if I can make it out.)  Model No. A1143

    Airport Extreme.

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    The AE's at the Apple Store look exactly the same, or I should say the box looks exactly the same.  I was shocked when I saw them that after 4 years it looks like the same AE.  I could give you any information on the side of the box if that would help. I appreciate your help and will award you so. 

    It says on my box 802.11n 0ffer 5 times faster perform. and twice the range of 802.11g.  I hope I have all the cables.  there is a CD in the box too but I did not use the CD when I first set it up.  I remember the Applecare lady helped me out but as I said it was a very complicated process of inserting numbers/letters in several places and then changing things when I was connected to suite my needs.

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    Hi - I think we can get things going - however I rarely do this but it is getting late here and I am very tired and there is a lot of information to sift through so I am going to take a break and think about all of this and come back tomorrow when I have had a chance to think about it overnight - I hope you will fogive an old guy who needs some sleep - thanks for you understanding - and in the meantime, if anyone else would like to jump in please feel free too do so.

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    totally cool.  Take your time.  thanks.

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    Hi - first of all it looks like you are using an MBP with Snow Leopard - if that is true then have you downloaded the Airport Utility from the link above and installed it - you will not be using the CD in the box - and does the MBP have working wireless and an ethernet port and do you have several ethernet cables? Let me know this info in the morning - thanks

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    I have not gone to bed yet.  Actually the Airport Utility came up in Spotlight but no program came up.  I did find a help index for this program and eventually found the Utility in Finder.  The version has a copyright date range from 2001-2012 so that means it must have been downloaded after I last used it.  I did not even think I ever used it on this Mac but I must have if the Utility is on here.  if it helps the version of the utility is 5.6.1.


    Yes since I could not remember the password I gave up thinking I would try to bring it into the Apple Store to see if they can reset the password. I read in the help index that can be done and I think they said the password becomes GUEST, but I am so tired I might be remembering that wrong. 


    I did go out and get a router from Costco because I wanted to stop using so much data on my iPhone Plan, so I do have a Belkin hooked up now.  it is very slow but I just got Comcast internet service a few days ago and have never had that so it could be their service.  the Belkin is up and running, but I would be overjoyed to use the airport extreme even know it is old.  do you know how the current AE units are different from the ones sold 4 years ago?  As far as several ethenet cables, I thought having wireless allowed me to not rely on ethernet cables. Anyway I think I have one.  it is only one MBP that I want to use the AE for my wireless.  I think I have everything in the box if that helps at all.


    I am headed to bed.  For an "Old guy" you did not sleep very long.    Chat sometime tomorrow.  You can send as much info as you want and I can read it when I return from work.  I think this Utility was downloaded way after I used the AE last and the software update picked up that I had used Airport Extreem at one time and downloaded it to my computer.  I am not sure if there have been any firmware updates, but I guess I can check that once the utility captures the AE signal.

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    OK - First you have to do a factory reset on the Extreme - to do this, unplug the Extreme and push in and hold the reset button while plugging in it back in - when the light starts to blink release the button - wait for the light to start blinking slowly - this indicates a factory reset - now unplug the Extreme - now disable the wireless on the MBP - here is the connection sequence - connect an ethernet cable from the modem to the WAN port (circle of dots) on the Extreme - connect another cable from a LAN port (<-->) on the Extreme to the ethernet port on MBP - open the AU and you should be able to see the Extreme - click on it and choose continue - it may first have to do a firmware update then it should walk you through the setup - it will determine a lot of the following automatically - enter the required info - create a wireless network - name your network - use simple 8 character passwords - allow this network to be extended - connect via ethernet - share a public IP and accept all other defaults - when you are done, turn the wireless back on your MBP and connect to the new network.

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    I just got home and wanted to work on this.  I have to go out until late.  I realized I might not have all the necessary cables.  If you get a chance could you be specific as you can about what cables I need?  I am not very knowledgeble with the names of the cables, but I will try to follow you.  Of course the Belkin I have hooked up now, I would want to return. I do have 1 ethernet cable that is an off brand.  I just realized that the AE does not come with any of the cables.


    Please check back for my reply later tonight or tomorrow.  I am going out now so I wish I new what I needed.  I realized you spelled it out above but I am not sure of the terms for the cables and I am in a hurry.

    thanks and hope to do more later.

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    You just need 2 ethernet patch cables - they are the same type that you have one attached to the modem already so you could attach that one to the Extreme - you would only need one more to attach the Extreme to the MBP - if you don't have 2 ethernet cables this can be done wirelessly but is is more tricky.

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    I have 2 for now but will I need to keep 2 ethernet cables (not sure what Patch means) or will I just need to keep one?  I can use the one from  the Belkin that I am using now for the wifi and I have one more ethernet cable.


    I did try it before I purchased the Belkin and I saw my old network "KJT" but I could not remember the password. The guy from comcast who was here told me apple can reset the password but he did not know how to do that.


    I read somewhere (because I did push the reset in the back of the AE which probably was not a good thing at that time when the comcast guy was trying to help me set it up) that once the reset is pressed "Guest" can be used as the password.


    If I will be able to use the 2 ethernet cables and just keep one when I am up and running I can try it tonight.  I want to do it when you are going to be online because I am not good at this kind of stuff.

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    A patch cable is just a short cable - if you are only going to use your MBP wirelessly then you will only need one cable but it is always good to have more than one around as a spare.

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    yea, I need to get some.  any suggestion on where a good place is?  Do you think this AE is out of date as far as the speed or anything else that might have been upgraded in the past 4 years? I was reading the side of the box the AE is in and it is too complicated for me to understand it, but if this one will work and support the comcast internet speed I wold prefer to try and use it.


    In your post above, are you saying to keep the pin pushed in to the reset hole while I plug the AE in?

    to do this, unplug the Extreme and push in and hold the reset button while plugging in it back in

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    You can get cables at any electronics store or online - this AE "should" work fine but you won't know until you try - use the instructions that I gave above - and "yes" to the last question.

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