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Though there appears to be none yet, a very useful app would be one that permits us to turn one or all four of the following on and off with the flick of a single switch:  wifi, Bluetooth, location and data.  It would be a very simple app with four check boxes and one on/off slide button, but would be super handy to permit us to quickly get info when we wanted it and save battery power otherwise.


When those four are off, the phone lasts 5 to 6 days on a single charge with low voice and text usage.  With all of them on, it needs a charge in a matter of hours.


App developers, the concept and profit are yours for the taking.  I'm sure many iPhone users would be happy to pay a couple bucks to reduce charge cycles, particularly since the iPhone 5 no longer fits all the charge ports the travel industry installed around the world. 

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