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I installed Mountain Lion a few weeks ago and noticed the iMac has slowed considerably. The most important app is Final Cut Pro X and I upgraded to 10.0 6 and this has been a disaster. When I click on the Dock  FCP X often does not start, falls over or the Events and Projects do not load. Yesterday I loaded and Force Quit 4-times before FCP loaded properly. I have removed all Events and Projects using Event Manager too so there is only one event and project in the FCP display


The machine regularly freezes and the only recourse is to power off and start again. Before Mountain Lion I never had occasion to turn the machine off. Now it happens regualrly.


I use Mackeeper and this seems to have little effect. I have tried:


Disk verify and repairs on all disks. I have 2 external HDDs - 1 Firewire for FCP X and an external 2TB USB.

Running Mackeeper and deleting rubbish regualrly.


None of the disks is very full. System disk (500GB) with applications and mail - 430 GB free; Firewire Disk (500GB)  380 GB free

I have tried to download OSX Mountain Lion again and the download freezes with a message 'Waiting'....I belieive a reinstall of Mountain Lion would help but cannot get a clean download.


I seem to have reached the end of my competences with this machine. It is just 3 years old, 4GB iMac 2.66GHz, 20" screen.

I would really appreciate some advice on resolving this series of performance and stability problems as in all honesty it is unusable