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I installed Mountain Lion a few weeks ago and noticed the iMac has slowed considerably. Th emost important app is Final Cut Pro X and I upgraded to 10.0 6 and this has been a disaster. The machine regularly freezes and the only recourse is to power off and start again. Before Mountain Lion I never had occasion to turn the machine off. Now it happens regualarly. I usually cannot SHUT DOWN /RESTART as the machine just hangs and I then have to power off at the mains


I use Mackeeper and this seems to have little effect. I have tried:


Disk verify and repairs on all disks. I have 2 external HDDs - 1 Firewire for FCP X and an external 2TB USB.

Running Mackeeper and deleting rubbish regualrly.


None of the disks is very full. System disk (500GB) with applications and mail - 430 GB free; Firewire Disk (500GB)  380 GB free

I have tried to download OSX Mountain Lion again and the download freezes with a message 'Waiting'....I beleive a reinstall would help but cannot get a clean download.


I seem to have reached the end of my competences with this mache. It is just 3 years old, 4GB iMac 2.66GHz, 20" screen.

I would really appreciate some advice on resolving this series of performance and stability problems



iMac 20" 2.66GHz; 4 gb RAM; 3Tb HDD; Final Cut X 4.1; iLife 09;, Mac OS X (10.6.6), iLife09; FCExpress 4.1. Panasonic SD700; Canon 5D MkII