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returning mac OS and mac hardware buyer here.


i have been questioning (read complaining) about the battery life (1 1/2 hours on safari) and the performance (spinning beachballs on startup, on wake and on starting safari among other things) since i bought this machine. i brought it in for the umpteenth time to the genius bar (they apparently only have 3 of these on record?!) because i had a break and i have a "service battery" alert.


i am being told i can replace the battery and the logic board based upon their diagnostics of the machine and i have FINALLY (Whoo-HOOO yippeee kayeeee'y!!) got a committment from a mac rep that i should be expecting  3 1/2 - 4 hours out of the battery and not 1 1/2 hours.


i don't really have an option here from everything i can tell but does anyone have any advice for me on this? warranty is up in February and from what i am being told i can bring it back if i bring it home and still only get poor battery life.


at the same time i am really unhappy (insert expletive) about having spent so much time troubleshooting this machine only to be told that the hardware seems fine or that the battery tests normal or whatever. this macbook pro 13 inch seems like it was a dog since the day i bought it.


my preference would REALLYT be to trade into mac on a new macbook pro 15" and i am wondering if i am instead i am going to have to just repair this machine (thank my lucky stars that i buy applecare) and empirically test the machine on my end to make sure that i am getting more than 2 hours per charge and that i don't have the spinning beachballs that i have had to have dealt with over the last 3 years...


i mean, i /have/ to fix this machine and monitor it over the next three months instead of them helping me cut bait with it by getting some financial incentive somehow to move into a new MBP is that right...?



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