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Twice Disk Utility has reported unrepairable errors after running disk verification.  The instruction is to erase and restore.  Once this message is received, Lion won't startup except in recovery mode.  Why does this happen?  I am running boot camp and using time machine on the Mac HD.   Could this be creating the errors?  Is there any option other than erase and repair (that process takes several days because time machine is set to run wirelessly and I cannot access it to change to hard wire transfer once the disk is erased)? 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    You should do this method to get another copy of your data just in case TM doesn't restore or is corrupted.


    Create a data recovery/undelete external boot drive



    It appears you have restored once before so you will have to do that again, but this time do something different.


    When you erase the Macintosh HD partition, use the middle secure erase selection, this is called the "Zero Erase" and will write Zero's across the entire partition for security purposes mainly.


    However it has a nice side benefit, the drive firmware will map off any detectable failing sectors on the hard drive in the process, thus likely catch the cause of your returning problem.


    Reducing bad sectors effect on hard drives



    Next time once things are fixed, consider more robust and wired solutions, like bootable clones.


    Most commonly used backup methods