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Purchased summer 2008.  Problems pop up early 2011.  $310 repair early 2012.  Still not functioning properly.  Apple says another $310 to fix!  $620 within 6 months?!  Feel cheated.  Options for me?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Purchased what?


    And really the forums are just other users, can offer ideas on troubleshooting, even where to buy 3rd party to do it yourself.


    As for functioning... a clean OS on a clean or new hard drive or you have to get into what can and cannot be swapped. A forum like this for Mac Pro (tower) users do a lot of upgrades and swapping parts.


    The Early 2008 Mac Pro (3,1) does not do well with Lion or Mountain Lion, so some users are finding they just want or need to stay with 10.6.8 that does work, if they want to get any work done and avoid problems they have otherwise (sleep, power on, shutdowns).


    Go back to 10.6 if it all started with 10.7.

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    I purchased a MacBook Pro.  I now realize this forum is for Mac Pro Desktops.  Regardless, I got a poor quality product from Apple and they are not standing behind it.  I understand the forums are other users.  Apple doesn't offer it's customers any kind of direction to take if you are dissatisfied with their products and/or services.

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    I have bought 3 Mac Books in 4 years for my personal use.


    The first  Mac Book had a screen problem and it had to be replaced


    The second  a Mac Book Pro  and the third a Mac Book  Air  had tons of problems.


    Apple never changes the computer and you will repair it forever until you realice it´s trash,


    Both of these where lemon computers……


    Apple does not notify customers of manufacturers defects. If you get a lemon (I have two thirds of my  Macs), you have to send it in for repairs several times before they will replace it, even if they have numerous problems with the same version of their computers.   Their repair people  keep the  computer for a month, before returning it..


    I've been a faithful Apple Mac customer, but have decided never to buy one again..


    Apple does not honor the warranty