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Hi everyone,


I've experienced the following problem since I've upgraded my MacBook Pro 15'' primo 2011 from Lion to Mt. Lion (Clean Install);

Everynow and then it won't stay connected to the internet, eventhough it shows that it is connected to Wi-Fi and/or my iPhone; I've never experienced any kind of internet connectivity issues before via iPhone or Wi-Fi...  Sometimes it stays connected to the internet for about 2-5 hrs. but it's not unusual that the internet connection dies after 5-20 min or so; and the only thing that helps is to reboot the Mac - and it is pretty inconvenient!


I've been searching around for any great solutions, but none seem to help me get rid off my problem.


I've tried what feels like everything:

Resetting PRAM

Resetting SMC

Repair Disk Permissions

Change Network Settings Like

     - IPv6 to local

     - Renew DHCP lease

     - Set the MTU to 1453 (which has been recommended on different sites)

     - Settings set to WPA/WPA2 Enterprise, (which is mandatory on my university in order to be able to use the network)

I've runned a thorough Mac Hardware Test (no problems according to that)

I've deleted the network and reconfigured it

Deleted any duplicates in the Keychain


Yeah I've even reinstalled the OS.


But nothing seems to help except from rebooting the computer - and it just really kills me each and everytime... sigh!


Any great ideas to a permanent fix? It seems to be software related and I'm running the latest update - if you guys can help me I'll be really greatful!


Thanks in advance.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 2 GHz Intel Core i7 - 8 GB RAM
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    Hi, Wow you did all that troubleshooting and still a no go?  Since you tried just about everything the only thing I can think of is to try deleting the wireless profile in Network settings and recreate it. Is your wireless profile set to the top of the list?

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    Hi, sorry for the late response...


    Yup, I've tried that as well, several times; it seems to work when deleting the iPhone profile - haven't had any issues ... yet, the problem usually reoccurs. But it does not help with the Wi-Fi it's the same thing, still a reboot is the only temporary fix - isn't there like a mean omnipotent sudo command to delete all the network settings; that propably could help fix this pretty annoying problem?

    I'm not completely sure what you mean about my wireless being set on the top of the list?

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    I too have the same problem with my Macbook Pro 15", same OS X. From what I have read so far this isn't an isolated problem and YES it is frustrating!!!