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Hi there I was hoping to get some help on what may be a streaming/compression issue. I'm doing online videos with a Canon Legria HF M41 which is CMOS and not truly progressive.

They're basically guitar lessons and while they appear fine through iMovie and Quicktime and also on my You Tube channel, the strings appear broken, jagged, artifacty, dashed i.e. not right in other words, when I stream them from the server (Blue Host ) through to Acrobat X Pro documents. The size and quantity require streaming and not embedding.

I'm using iMovie (with Quicktime Pro export options) and exporting using Movie to Quicktime Movie.

The Options.. settings i've got are as follows :


Compression: H.264

Quality : High

Frame Rate: 30

Bite Rate: 128kbits/sec

Encoding mode: multi-pass

Dimensions: 960 + 540 (Current)

Deinterlace Source Video = Clicked on

The Prepare for Internet Streaming box is clicked and Fast Start is selected.

The Data Rate : automatic

Optimised for : Download.


I'm wondering if it should be set to Optimised for : Streaming . With some adjustments in the kbits/sec box ?

I think the problem seems to lie somewhere between my compression settings and Acrobat X Pro  or do I need to be thinking about a video camera update.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Quicktime Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)