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I do not see photostream on my account when I go to icloud. It shows up on the window where you can check it but won't stay checked. It just suddenly stopped syncing my photos from iphone to the computer. I have everything on on my iphone. my storage shows 14.99 GB of 15 GB left. I don't know what else to do.

iPhone 4S, Windows 7
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    I am having problems too:


          i      I have the icloud set up correctly. Bookmarks works fine. My iphone moves pics from the camera roll to photostream but they don't appear on my windows vista PC automatically. To get them to stream I have to uncheck, apply, re-check, apply photostream on the icloud control panel. This is a pain and I shouldn't have to keep doing it.  Any clues? It used to work fine but I had to create a new windows user account on the pc to set up icloud/itunes for my husband's new iphone 5.  His photostream is doing the same. When I first made his photostream it had this problem, while mine  worked fine. In a bid to solve his problem I removed then reinstalled icloud for both users accounts. Now both photostreams have the problem. Should have left it alone! I try tried uninstalling and reinstaling again, doesn't help. The shared photostreams I have and the upload part works fine. I have tried resetting the photostream It uploaded the photos that were still stores on the pc back into my photostream but any new photos i take won't go to the PC. Basicall uploads from PC works but downloads from iphone doesn't. grr

    iPhone 4S