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Hi all


After a day of searching webpages, these dicussion forums and getting super frustred, I thought I would see if someone can help me with the problem I am having.  I want to have a pages document that I can add/edit etc on my mac and my ipad - and icloud was 'sold' to be the way to do that.


I have OS 10.7.5 and running iCloud (set up for documents etc).  I have Pages 09 (ver 4.2 and did the update to bring it up to Lion etc.


I have a document on icloud that I saved there from my ipad (no issue there!)  If I log onto icloud through a browser I can see the document...so it exists.


But when I open pages i can find no way to see that document.  I have followed all the instructions I can find, but there appears to be no way for me to see any icloud documents...or even save a document to icloud....ohhhh (the instructions say)..you will see icloud in the top letf of the Pages open dialog box.  Well I don't see it - nothing!  ohhhhh (others say) click on the file name in a document and you can move it to icloud as that is an option.  Not on my Pages...there is no MOVE option.


Am I missing something?   Is it not possible for me to open a document from Pages through icloud?  Am i stuck with downloading the document from icloud to a folder then opening it in Pages? (if that is so, I might as well just email to to myself as that is faster).


What is wrong here - is it Pages or is it me???



MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)