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I'm supporting a training solution for one of my clients, where we use a local Wifi network that does not have any connection to the internet.


Before iOS 6 the devices connected easiliy to that network, now we have all kind of troubles. Devices need a lot of time to connect, or they drop the connection completely.


In my testing scenario I'm not able at all to connect to an isolated Wifi anymore - the device logs in to the WLan, but shortly after that it drops the connection. A ZDNet article mentions that the devices try to connect to http://www.apple.com/library/test/success.html to check if the connection is valid. If they don't find it, it looks like they are dropping the connection completely.


Connecting to the server using iOS5 or any laptop doesn't show issues...


How to adress this? We're talking about hundreds of iPads a year. Do we have to move the solution to the internet (huge internal issue at the customer), or do we have to drop iPads from the scenario and look into alternative platforms?


Thanks for any input



iPad 2, iOS 6