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The need for hard copy such as a physical dvd is still hard at work. I create dvds for school plays and functions in new jersey. its impossible to send 2 1/2 hour school productions via internet or e mail etc. idvd has been instrumental in my company...i'm not sure what might be the alternative to the old i life 11 which i purchased with leopard. purchasing the new i mac with mountain lion,  i'd like to feel confident that i life 11's idvd will work without any problems?

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), i life for idvd
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    I have the retail iLife 11 installed and use it with Mountain Lion. And I will continue using iDVD - there is no reasonable facsimile.....

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    I read that; I don't know that everyone is coming up with that dialog since I did a fresh install about a month ago on my new MBP: actually started with iLife 08 (needed that in order to be able to install iMovie HD 6), updated to 09 and then 11 without any hiccups, messages, or anything else. And it all works well - just finished a rather large project.

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    Good to know. I have iDVD installed, but haven't used it in ML. I'm restarting an iMovie HD 6 project I hope to have finished for Christmas and I'll be using iDVD for archiving / Handbrake for Apple TV. 

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    Occasionally, it will throw a hiccup such as not being able to hear audio in the menu (I usually add my own audio for a theme after throwing out the default); I re-add, quit, restart, and go around a couple of times until it "sticks".

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    I posted instructions for installing iDVD with Lion a while back.  I did a fresh install of Mountain Lion in late July, reinstalled iDVD, ran the required updates and it's still working fine.  Thought this post might be helpful...



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    FWIW, if you have a previous version of iLife (v. 08) installed, there is no need to do a customzied install of iDVD to get the themes - they have not been updated since iLife 08, so there is no need to specifically do it. Having said that, if you do NOT have an older version of iLife installed, then you do need to customize the install or you will only get the install versions' themes included.

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    Was taken back when i installed mountain lion in my new IMac, saw IMOVIE and not IDVD? But thx Babowa!. its installed now from my older version of ilife 8, and works well...The ap Store revised it to the latest version with all the features i was used to. I really feel the idea of not continuing Idvd because of some persumptuous idea that everyone would use ICloud is crazy, since IDVD was so successful for me and others like me, is nuts. As in my case had copy is necessary. I'm sure i'd use ICloud where possible but not with all projects. thx again!

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    Well, I will not upload any video I've created, whether that'd be to icloud or any other online site/server unless I don't care who winds up with it because: everyone downloads (aka steals) - my stuff is generally not available unless you're one of my friends or are paying for it. So, DVDs will be used here for some time to come......