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I know there are A LOT of questions about this floating about but I can't find one that seems to fix my problem.


We have 4 hard drives plugged into a mac mini which is then accessed by three imacs through a server. 


A folder on one of the hard drives has suddenly got a red minus sign on it when you try and access it from an imac.  On the mac mini it is fine.


On sharing & Permissions is says:


admin:  Read & Write

admin (Me):  Read & Write

everyone:  Read & Write


The mac mini (admin (Me) ) is the 'owner' of the folder.


When I try and add a new user I don't really know what to add. I think the imacs appear as 'unknown user' under sharing in system preferences.



If I get info from one of the imacs


Sharing & Permissions:


(unknown): Read & Write

everyone : Read & Write


If I try and chose a new owner it brings up a box to type in a name but i don't know what to type. I've tried the user name for the imac but it says that it isn't valid.


I have tried dragging the files to a new folder but I still can't access them


Any help would be really appreciated.

Mac OS X (10.7.4)