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My MBP13 2010 with os lion hung when using safari, I tried quitting for 5 mins, then failing to do so I hit the power button, for 5 secs, Now its not booting up just a folder with ?, Tried booting with cd and disk utility doesnt show the drive. instead shows a 1.26 Gb drive.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
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    Are you able to boot into the Lion Recovery HD (Command+R)? If not, do you have a USB thumb drive with the Lion Recovery HD on it that you could boot to?

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    I tried to boot from the original disk (snow leopard) but disk utility showed no disk, neither could I install lion, as there was no disk to select. Being my main Laptop, I went to a store to replace the HDD and it turns out the HDD is fine, after 3 replacements trials of HDD's its probably something else. I now have the original HDD attached to a sata connector and have managed to recover all the document folder using another MBP. I now only neeed to know where I can find the mail folder (sent emails) and pictures from Iphoto. Id be grateful if you can asist. Also I was surprised to see 3 other people with MBP's with the same problem. One of them blamed the 'hang' on mackeeper, what do you think?

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    Get "rid" of Mackeeper immediately!  It has been declared in these Forums to be a Malware masquerading as a useful app.  And you will have to Google "Mackeeper Removal" to find out how, because its Developers coded it so as to be Very difficult to remove.  You cannot just drag its icon to the Trash.  If interested, you can do a Search in these Forums on "Mackeeper" to read up on Users problems when Mackeeper is on their Mac.



    Hope this helps

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    Take a look at this discussion link. I gave back up/restore instructions to a poster for the Mail folder. You should be able to use some of that information to locate your Mail folder which has all you need for Mail.


    I can't answer your question regarding Mackeeper. I have no experience with it, sorry.