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I cannot update software without my code to do so. Does anyone know how to retrieve this? Or do anyone have a solution?

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    laundry bleach Level 5 Level 5 (6,880 points)

    What platform (computer or iDevice) are you using?

    What operating system is it running?

    What software are you trying to update?

    What happens when you try to do the update?

    What have you done to try to fix it?


    Let us know, we'll keep working with you.

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    I'm using a MacBook Pro 13". My operating system is OS X 10.8.2.

    I want to update Adope. The problem occurs when I have to type in the Mac administration password. I have to do so in order to accept that the program can be installed on my Mac. I have tried everything, but it seems as if my code doesn't really work. It keeps denying although i'm almost certain that it is the correct password.


    Do you understand what i mean? Not sure that I explained it well.. :s

    Are there any way to retrieve my code without erasing everything on my MacBook (I've lost my installation CD) or are there any way around the code and installing Adope?


    Thank you for your answer and willingness to help me. I really do appreciate it!