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Hey all, I currently have a cloud based server package with lunarpages. The stats are roughly


  • 50 GB of space
  • 1000 GB of bandwidth
  • 1 IP Address
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • Costing roughly : $100 a month


On my hosting package above, i run a Xenforo forum which is fairly busy and popular, and 2 Wordpress sites which get next to no traffic at all. However, my server is constantly crashing and i have to wait for an eternity for the hosts to fix it for me.


Due to all of this, i am thinking about purchasing a Mac Mini with OS X Server installed, and getting a business broadband line installed in my house (i work from home). It appears i can get a business internet connection installed at my house, for somewhere around £50 a month, which i think comes with a dedicated IP address.



I have zero experience with running a server, never tried before, but i'm reasonably comfortable with techinical stuff, do some slight coding here and there and *think* i could piece things together from online guides/forums.


Does everyone think this sounds reasonable? Given that i have zero experience with this, is it a good idea?


I would be reducing my monthly fee slightly, although i would have to buy the Mac Mini, but then i would gain basically a dedicated server, rather than some small cloud server.


We are also a Mac household, flooded with Ipads, Macbooks and iPhones already and it looked like they work together nicely with the server


Thanks for any input