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When I try to play a movie trailer from the iTunes Movie Trailer site I get a message telling me to download Quicktime.  I have uninstalled and installed several times with no success.  Someone please help!

Quicktime Pro, Windows 7, 64bit
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    Can you check something for me please? I'd like to try doing a "Run as administrator" on your iTunes.


    Quit iTunes first.


    In Computer, open Local Disk C: or whichever drive you have your program files installed on.

    If you have a 32-bit Windows, open the "Program files" folder.

    If you have a 64-bit Windows, open the "Program Files (x86)" folder.

    Open the "iTunes" folder.


    Right-click on the iTunes.exe file and select "run as administrator".


    Try playing the movie trailer in the Store now. Does it play for you without the message?

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    The problem is not within iTunes - the trailers work in that program.  The problem I am having is with the iTunes Movie Trailer website.  Quicktime works fine by itself and in the iTunes program, but when I try to watch a trailer from the website it's like I don't even have Quicktime installed on the computer.  At that point a message pops up asking me to download Quicktime.