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Hello everybody,


We have the 2e version of the Apple TV. And we discoverd something strange. We use the function AirPlay a lot in combination with VLC on our iMac.

Works PERFECT on wireless connection. But our provider where we use the internetbox from isn't that stable with the wifi connections.


So we hooked it up with a LAN connection to the AppleTV. And now the strange thing happens....


When we looked at a video true VLC the images starts to falter, our network is completely configures, all our apple products has his one ip adres made by our selfs, there is not 1 system that works automatic, also the AppleTV we give it a ip adres of our own.


But how come that true LAN the system is faltering (not the sound by the way, strange also) the image and if we use the wifi nothing happens everything works perfect.


I know you thinking now... why do you don't use your wifi, because the router from our provider isn't stable, after a while the wifi just disconnect and starts it self up and after 1 min it's running again. But this is very irritated when you look a film and the wifi stops and you have to wait. That's why we wan't to hook up the AppleTV on our LAN network.


Oh almost forgot... our LAN network is 10/100/1000. Our iMac's and router is 1000. We noticed that the AppleTV is only 10/100. We use the 24 port switch 10/100/1000 from DELL, this is also configured true our LAN network system.


So please can someone tell us what is it that the apple TV on the LAN network is Faltering, and true wifi not??


Greetings from the Netherlands, Levin den Boer. (sorry for my english writing).

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    I would troubleshoot with a different router to see if

    it was the routers configuration setup which  cause the problem

    or if it's a compatability or periodic defect between the atv and router or computer and router

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    We would like to test with a different router, but in the Netherlands this is not a option, because those routers are controled from the outside. If i put a other router in the system we won't have internet at all.


    So that's out of the question. We have already notified our hosting (UPC Netherlands) that the routing isn't stable with the WiFi connections, but the just told us that the system is working perfectly (they do a online check, yeah wright, that's indeed the way to test it during those 2 minutes).


    We think it's a LAN setting, but what? Because if we use the AppleTV wireless over the WiFi everything is perfect (for how long the wifi is active by the router).


    And if we put the Apple TV on the LAN network we get the problem with the video image, not the sound. Only the video image that is going to faltering.


    Very Strange....

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    p.s. we use the Cisco EPC3925