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My MPC will not boot up, I took it to Genius Bar in San Diego, and he showed me how to reinstall 10.7 OS without erasing Data.


I started the Reinstall process, but when signed in with my Apple ID, I got a message that I needed to Login with the Users ID who purchased 10.7


I bought my MBC with 10.7 preinstalled


Does anyone have an idea what is happening??



MacBook Pro (15-inch Early 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.5), Reinstall 10.7.5
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    If the Genius Bar person showed you by using the App Store and your MBP came preinstalled with Lion, they showed you incorrectly.


    If you restart your system using Command+R+Option keys and keep them pressed down until you see a white screen with a spinning globe, you will be booting into Apple's servers and their Recovery HD so you can download and reinstall your factory assigned version of Lion. This process is called OS X Internet Recovery.


    For example, my MBP Retina came preinsalled with Lion 10.7.4. When I use the process above, 10.7.4 gets downloaded and reinstalled.

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    Addition to my reply.


    If the Genuis Bar person showed you by restarting and using the Command+R keys, that should also work. If I want to go back to the factory OS, then my previous post will do that.


    In any case, always back up your system before you reinstall OS X.