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hi all.


i have been looking at pixelmator and graphic converter as i have a need to both CONVERT IMAGES to png as well as to RESIZE them to some fixed pixel width. i have been finding Preview to be fantastic with the bulk resizing (you simply open all the images and then pulldown to resize, set the new size and then save). this requires that i move the resized images to a new folder so as to not over-write the original but it is extremely nice and /quick/.


unfortunately, converting these to png in Preview appears to require me to export each individually (and then i have to go back and delete the other file types with the same names as the new png's which i don't need).


i have been using Name Mangler which is super fantastic for bulk renaming and i am wondering if there is a methodology in either of these tools (or if there is a better tool for this) or if this would be better accomplished in something like Aperture. i /tend/ to keep information such as this residing in a FOLDER on my desktop because it is about to be uploaded to the web via ftp but if there was a great benefit to doing this in something like an Aperture database i could certainly move in that direction.


anyone have any specific explanation of specific steps i could take in aperture for this or in other software?



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    I think the export presets in Aperture can do what you want.


    You just would have to define a custom export preset.


    Assuming the images you want to convert have been imported to Aperture, select them in the Browser and select to export the versions (File > Export > Versions).


    In the Export panel select a png export preset, then switch to "Edit"


    In the "Edit" panel duplicate the png preset, then set the pixel size you want to use and export your images.






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    If you need to do this with images that aren't in Aperture, this is the sort of thing that Automator was built for. Look at the "Scale Images" and "Change Type of Images" actions. There's a step-by-step on how to change file types with Automator here, you should be able to pop in a "Scale Images" action into the workflow to add that function.


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