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Hey guys,


I'll try and make this as clear as possible.


This was my editing workflow before 10.0.6


1: Copy all footage from CF cards onto a Thunderbolt drive into a "JOB Name/Cards/Card x"

2: Import all footage in "Cards" directory into FCPX - making sure I don't select "copy files to event folder"

3: Edit away happily


Now since upgrading to 10.0.6 the following occurs


When I import all the footage in the "cards" directory, even when I've made sure I haven't selected "copy files to event folder"

FCPX still copies the files across. I've got no reason to. The process takes ages and if I want to quit FCPX the files that haven't copied into the events folder yet become "missing." Longer files (above 10minutes) always error, resulting in having to press a button before continuing with the import, making unattended importing impossible.


Also when importing, I'm not selecting optimised or proxy media either.


Is there a way to ENSURE the files aren't copied into FCPX events folder. It's really just added an extra few hours onto my workflow for no added benefit.


Any help would be greatly appreaciated.





Final Cut Pro X, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I'm guessing this is from a DSLR. Yes, that's the behavior in 10.0.6. The archive is treated as a card and the media is copied from it into the event as if it was coming from a camera. Camera archives are supposed to remain separate and untouched from the media you edit. There is no way around this in the current version.

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    Hey, thanks.


    Yes this was from a DSLR. So there's no way of editing from the original files? Thats extremely annoying.

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    See the discussion that is running next to this one about missing media.


    what does it mean when a red background with a camera and an exclamation point pops up where the video would normally be watched?


    Work around, create prores files, but that takes time.




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    It depends on exactly what's in the folder Card X. A screen shot in column view would help. You might be able to take the clips out of the folder structure and just leave it on your computer. It's really not a good idea to edit directly from the source media without having a backup.

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    Hey Brother,


    Found a solution to this. Go to your files on your CF / SD or whatever card you are pulling the files from, or even if you already copie them to your external HDD, go ahead and rename them something else than what the camera called the files. I also, just in case, get them out the original folder, and put them in a new folder within the extrenal HDD you are working from. And voila, problem solved. No need to "Copy" the files on to your C:

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    After getting mad about this change I have a no brainer workaround.

    We have a similar workflow. We copy the media off the cards to double backup drives.

    A third copy goes to our RAID for fast access, just like your Thundbolt drive.

    The trick is to change the folder structure of the media, so FCPX does not think of it as a 'camera'.

    Just move all your video files & JPGs out from the EOS folder to the top enclosing folder, next to the DCIM.

    Once the files are there, just use the import command and you are ready to edit. No wait, just like before.

    Killer shortcut: Just drag the files over your Event and FCPX will use the prefs and not copy anything in.



    Hopefully, Apple will fix this in the next update.

    Please send them feedback, they listen.

    Let me know this works for you guys.