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Okay, so excuse me if I'm making an obvious mistake, I am new to the whole app development process haha.


So I'll try to explain this in the greatest possible detail that I can.


I have a simple app for a school project, and what I need to do is create a simple shopping list style app. So I have used a tab bar with each individual category for foods listed such as fruits, vegetables, sweets etc. There is also a tab which is the shopping list.


How the app works is for example on the apple in the fruits tab, the user types say, "2" into the Text Field, and clicks a button saying "Update Apples" What this button is supposed to do is update a label that says "0"usually on the shopping list tab to whatever is entered in the Text Field on the page with the shopping items.


Could someone tell me how I could have a text field and button in one tab change the value of a label in a different tab please?


Like I said I am new to this, so as much detail as possible would be very valuable to me and would be greatly appreciated 




Thanks in Advance