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Ok so I have a Mac OSX and I was editing one of the best pictures I have ever drawn, I have spent weeks working on it! I was absolutely finished it and admiring it in Preview and I was using Sketchbook Pro to edit it. Suddenly Sketchbook Pro quit working then I force quit it thinking nothing would happen! Then Preview stopped working and I quit that too. When I clicked to reopen the file I could not open it! The pop up reads when I try to open it that the file may be damaged or use a file format that is not recognized by Preview. Also the icon before was a small preview of what the picture looked like and then it was turned to the default image of preview. Preview could previously open it and now it can't, the file format the picture was in was .tiff and I checked if preview could open any other tiffs and it CAN! I hadn't activated Time Share either so I can not go back before my file was damaged. This is so maddening and I hope I will not have to start all over again! Please help me!!!!