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Mac Pro 2010, os 10x 10.6.8


suddenly //   one day everything is functioning , two monitors, regular fix permissions,  etc

next day start up results in ... nothing...  is a video signal to one monitor but not the other, disconected the other.

only gray screen ,  no wheels or questions or faces


two years of use, thought Pram batt,  remove and check volts is 3.02 ( as new) but put in a new one anyway,  No Change in problem


try to safe start, cant =

try to boot to external dvd drive = no good

had a dvd in the computer , now cant get it out, ( old machines just push a wire in the "emergency" access hole)  with MacPro has the door that covers the drive,


other data: os is on ssd, 3 hds spin up, fan on video card spins, monitor recives gray screen signal, does "boing" at start up, note; to shut down I press the on button -- just one quick touch, as you would to start up, normaly to shut down with the button I need to hold it in for a three count.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 2010 8core
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    Hold the option key as you start up to invoke the All-in-ROM Startup Manager.


    It will draw an icon for each bootable Volume, then the Eject key is "live" and it can be used to open the drawer and insert a different DVD, such as an Installer/Utilities DVD if that is your wish.

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    Only Gray screen

    keyboard has no effect,  no key combo  or  single key has any effect at all

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    I did discover the "how to retrieve the disk" part


    first, gently pull the door downward and hold it down

    second, take a slightly curved, paperclip that is bent to a slight curve so as to go down and into the access in the drive.

    third, as the tray moves out only a half inch, pull with a little finger on the right side to open it


    remove the cd/dvd


    I inserted a retail X10.6  .... hold C down and boot,  still nothing but  a plain gray screen, no frown face, no question mark.

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    might be a USB conflinct or failure,

    remove all connections except the power and monitor, boot up, = same deal; just a gray screen.

    removed all HD, except ssd & install disk in dvd drive = gray screen /  DVD spins just for a moment on start, no drives spin,  only thing moving is the fans, they are all on as normal.